Open to vehicle choice; should I ask dealer which they're pushing to sell?

I’m looking to lease a Lexus and pretty open to an IS 200t, 300, 350, or GS – Should I ask the dealer which they’d be most aggressive on pricing for these vehicles?

It looks like the leases people get the best deals on are when the dealership is pushing to sell a specific vehicle (for sales goals or liquidate inventory). Without knowing how close they are to which goal(s) or which vehicles they’re trying to get rid of, I would have no idea which they’d be the most aggressive on pricing.

Would this be a good way to find a very good deal?

Sounds like a good idea.

Depends on your definition of a “very good deal” – do you want the lowest effective payment, or the one that’s lower relative to the car’s MSRP?

I would guess that the IS would be the former, and the GS the latter. You haven’t mentioned it but the Lexus CT has been posted as a “good deal” in previous threads.

As you might have seen from other threads on this site, soliciting info from dealers can be hit-or-miss, at best. It might not hurt but it not be the best use of your time.

Another reason is that a dealer’s “aggressiveness” isn’t the biggest determining factor in making a great lease deal. You need the following, of which the dealer can only truly create the first:

  1. Selling price discounts
  2. Rebates/incentives from manufacturer
  3. High residual
  4. Low money factor

If you look at all the really good deals here, they always required #2-4. MSD can help further. Discounts from the dealer aren’t enough by themselves.

IMO you’re better off spending some time on brand-specific forums and anywhere else on the web where people (i.e. buyers) share information, and then using the information via a calculator to construct “best case scenarios” by yourself. That’s what I did even before this site existed, and now you’ve got much more help.