Oolong Gray 2016 Audi A6 w/ 19' wheel sport package $399 Mo $0 Down

2016 Audi A6 Premium with 19" wheels sport package w/ black interior

MSRP $48725
Price $42795

Payment $399 Includes Los Angeles Tax / $0 Capital reduction

$2586 Due at singing
includes 1st payment, license, doc, all fees.

Includes Free delivery in SoCal



Whats the term and mileage?

Also what’s the price on 24/15 and 36/15?


@ 15k miles

24 mo / $512

36 mo / $447

is this a good deal?

seems like its a base A6 with upgraded wheels only

How does $0 down become $2586 due at signing?

it is not $0 down. change the title

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because its $0 capital reduction, no money down to reduce the amount financed.

$2586 Due at singing
includes 1st payment, license, doc, all fees.

36 month / 10,000 miles per year.

To make it $0 due at signing is possible. will increase the payment $30 per thousand.

What is the money factor and residual? Please break down the fees that are due at signing.

.00013 MF
56% residual for 10k 36m

$399 1st payment
303.75 tax on rebate / Bank fee
$410.75 DMV fee
$80 Doc fee
$595 Service fee

“down” refers to the down payment, which is $0

due at signing is the total amount you pay at lease signing, including the down payment, 1st month payment, and applicable fees.

That adds up to $1788.50


He is using dealer math lol


$2187. If the tax title and fee

It is dealer way of getting down payment.

This was 2.0 correct, not 3.0 (6cyl)

yes it was a 2.0 Model

Does this result in $460/mo with $0 drive off? Or are drive off fees required?

Seems like a solid deal for an Audi

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How about a 2017 Model?

Looks like a solid deal. Can this be done on a 2017?

This 2017 A6 in Tornado Gray is similar. The payment is $55 more for the 2017 since those Aug '16 programs.)

$455 mo with SoCal tax
$2200 Due at signing
10,000 Mi yr
25,990 resdiual @ 52%
.00008 MF

the Audi A6’s currently have 2500 in lease cash, I work at an Audi. MF is low on them too.

I personally agree with the concept of $0 down vs $0 drive-off.

There has to be a clearly defined difference between the two.

$0 Down (payment) = no cap cost reduction

$0 drive-offs = no tax, title, first months, registration, cap cost reduction