Only Trucks thread

Is there a broker that specializes in all truck brands?
Is there a thread in the market place for only trucks for all brands?

A spreadsheet with all truck makes and pricing would be ideal so i dont have to ask every broker about every trim level. It would save a lot of time for everyone.


Just look through marketplace.

First broker that comes to mind for Toyotas is @Jrouleau426


Right. I was hoping for a broker that specializes in all truck brands with a spreadsheet so I can compare all in one place.

I have never seen such a thing here


There are brokers here that specialize in multiple/any manufacturer. You’d have to reach out for custom quotes though.

I don’t want to admit the awful noise I made aloud when I read the suggestion. Sounds as useful as it is dreadful.


Maybe for the broker but would be helpful to the buyer.

I don’t think there is one.

But, there are a lot of brokers who can get you good deals on specific trucks.

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Thanks. I got my answer very quick! :slight_smile:

In Texas I can find Silverado leases for 3 years 200 month with 200 down. maybe 10k miles a year.

There’s only so many trucks. So just search what you want to compare past deals. I can tell you that you won’t get better bang for your buck then an sr5 tundra. 50k msrp for $250/mo tax tags fees inc depending on what state you live in.

Once you start going up to higher optioned trucks like limiteds etc, they’re all around the same price. $450-550/mo.


What is the MSRP/trim on the Silverado’s you have seen for around $200/month?

I’m looking to lease a Silverado in the Northeast

If there were actually $200 silverados you would see people posting about them here…


I dont think that is true. Unless its a one off trim/region thing.

But, I have owned a lot of GM trucks and have never seen anything like that.

@sportsfan - That doesnt exist in the NE (if anywhere)

That’s what I figured. I know the lower MSRP Silverado’s can lease for under $300/month, but $200 sounded out of the ordinary.

Hopefully a broker can help me on a Silverado or Colorado in the Northeast

The 200 now shows 220 no. park Ch castroville TX custom crew cab short bed. Was 37 to 29k. … I’m was seeing about aTacoma for 195 1k down 3 yrs. It is a 4cylinder and I see I prefer the 6. The 6 sr5 auto seat, running boards they told me 360 and came down to 270. Much better, but I think there is better.

Plus tax tags fees and also what’s considered ultra low mileage? If it’s 5k/yr then that would make a 12k/yr lease close to $400/mo after tax tags fees are rolled in. This is just marketing as usual with dealers/manufacturers.

I agree with you. I just uploaded it because it was mentioned in the conversation.

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Also, it’s a Custom and looks nothing like the photo. Enjoy the 4 cylinder experience…basically intolerable to drive.


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