Only the HACKRS know! Help me understand why?

Are MSD something that dealers don’t want you using?
I honestly have found only one dealer in that knew their stuff. If they have heard of them …they say they hardly ever use them. Please help me understand why??
Most say no one puts security deposits down.???


Most Lessees do not put security deposits down to get a lower rate because they may not know doing so is an option. And dealers are not very keen on them because it takes away from their ability to bump the rate and make more money. But most banks that do leases allow them.

When you go into negotiations, just ask them to check if they can be done. If they don’t know what they are, it will be their education. And sometimes their ignorance can work to your benefit…

Thanks! It’s very frustrating.

Most lease ads will say “No security deposit” for some reason so people are happy to see that. They don’t really tell you what it’s for but the wording make is sound like it is a good thing (less money due at signing).

Some companies do not have MSDs so you have to check/ask this forum. The salesman may not even know what an MSD is. It will take maybe 1-2 hours more of training but somehow that just seems to much for them to understand :frowning:

When you start talking about MF and MSDs, it makes it harder for the dealer to mark it up because the rate set by the manufacturer is published and the dealer is allowed to mark this up to make some extra $. If you start from the published rate, it is very hard for them to mark it up because you will see it right away …

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I don’t bother checking if the dealer with “do” it for me. I expect it. I will do all my negotiations, make sure I’m getting the buy rate, base rate, unmarked-up MF, etc. and THEN hit them with the MSDs demand when they’re in the hot-seat. No dealer is going to say no if the deal hinges on MSDs at that point.

Do your research and make sure the State your in allows it (NY need not apply) and go in full-well knowing you will get it.

Bonus tip: If a dealer flat-out denies you doing MSDs I’ve had them knock off extra money that ends up being as good as if not better than if I had put MSDs down! Every deal has its silver-lining.

I was really nice until a friend referred me here… Lol
A dealer emailed me a lease price today I only asked for sell price…anyway I emailed him back ,and ask 39/,10,000 59% RV…MF .00179? He never responded back. I have to reign it in a little. This new knowledge is making me a little cocky. I have to do better.:grimacing: