Only for those interested: Update on selling my base CR-V lease - rare opportunity

My former post, now closed and likely in wrong spot because I have no clue where to post on this site…

For what it’s worth, for those truly interested in a follow-up…

CarGurus made offer for $30,909
Carvana was $27,846.
CarMax $27,400.
CarFax $23,880
Vroom was $24,797

For a 3-year old car, this made me very happy to make money off of a deal.

I went down to one-car at home. But due to family health/medical emergencies, ended up buying a car for emergencies. Too many times I was stuck at home where wife had car at hospital, emergency room, and I could not get there.

Got a 2001 Highlander in very good condition. I love these things. That’s my fifth Highlander. And currently 100% Highlander for all four of my current cars. (Two with children away; and two at home)

So, with the contractual payoff of almost $17,000, a $31,000 buyout was a nice thing to pad my cash reserves with. Of course, taxes, title, insurance etc still apply.

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