One year lease vs Lease Assumption

Looking for any recommendations on a one year lease or should I just assume a current lease?

Would really prefer a new car.

almost impossible to find a 1 year lease. @loberant had some 1 yr mini cooper leases but it appears those are done. If you were to find a 1 yr lease it’s probably cost prohibitive.

As far as lease assumption is concerned, you will have to take into account cost of transfer, possible tire replacement cost, disposition fee etc. That can easily total $1500 in fees and tire cost. Those are all negotiable and if a seller really wants out of a car you can either split those costs or have him absorb in the form of an incentive to take over the lease.

The good news is that people who want out of a car with less than 1 yr left are in a bad position and you can probably negotiate well with them. Most of the time it’s due to them having driven too many miles/mo and there’s not much left for the remainder of the lease (i don’t know your milage needs but if you don’t need many miles/mo then that’s easier for you) which is something you need to pay attention to when considering a transfer.

If you are not picky, go to swapalease and get the best 1 year remaining leases there. Like @305Hackr said, you just have to find somebody desperate and negotiate with them.

It will be very expensive to lease a new car for 12 months. It is also pretty hard to come by. When you say “new”, do you mean?

  • < 100 miles on the car “brand new”
  • Demos that have < 10k miles and never had a title

@loberant has a bunch of the demos those 12-15 months