One time upfront payment - help?

Good evening.
So, thank you for helping with my 2016 Honda EXL, almost three years ago.

Now that I’m in the market for 3 new leases, (2 personal and 1 family member), I came across something I didnt the last round:
One payment/upfront lease payment.

What are your thoughts? Also, how do i calculate the savings?
I had a Honda dealer tell me today that it would only save me $1/mo on my payment. However, i had a Maserati dealer tell me it would save “a decent amount”.

I’m assuming it saves the MF on the total leased amount? However, when I look online, one source says you still pay the MF on the RV during the lease.

Thanks for any help in advance.
Check out my other post regarding how to calculate USED leased vehicles.

I did want to add that the Honda dealer said an advantage is that the lease wont show up on your credit report as a monthly obligation?

This would be ideal if true, because I’m going to do multiple cars and building a new house this coming year. Thoughts?

He’s an idiot. It definitely shows outgoing on your credit. Only advantage is sometimes you’ll get a lower MF with a one-pay but overall definitely not worth it.