One Pay Lease and MSD Questions


I’m thinking about possibly doing a One Pay lease for a 2019 SUV (CX-5 or Lexus UX) when they come out and I’m wondering if it’s possibly to negotiate with a One-Pay Lease or is it mostly non-negotiable? Any experiences with doing a One Pay Lease with Mazda or Lexus? if so are the prices usually pretty reasonable? Lastly how much off the monthly amount can you get by doing MSD’s on a lease usually? Thank you

Negotiations for a one-pay lease are identical to negotiations for a traditional lease. No differences. MSD varies widely by manufacturer (Mazda DOES NOT do them FYI) so your question is too vague there

The One-Pay is “structure of a lease” rather than anything you have to worry about negotiating.

You will need to check with the dealership, from whom you lease, to ensure they are willing to do a one pay. I would also check if the manufacture captives offer the option, for whichever brand you are looking at.

The One-Pay, based on manufacture program, will allow you to save the interest charge on the lease piece of the loan, and will also buy down the MF rate just like an MSD does. On my lease loan, the One-Pay saved about 40 per month in interest, or $1450 over the 3 years.

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