One Pay Bolt Lease - Total of Scheduled Payments vs Official Taxes and Fees

I just signed my first lease for Bolt Premier in NC and had a question about the taxes. We agreed on $8700 (best I could get locally). I went to sign the paperwork expecting $8700 but was surprised when they only asked me to write a check for ~$7200 as written on the “total of scheduled payments” line. I see in the “Official Taxes and Fees” total of ~$1500. When do I pay this $1500? Does the dealership bill me for this later?

It does say “Amount to be paid in cash” = $8700 on the contract.

I thought with one pay leases, the amount you pay at the dealership is it. Are there additional fees later?

NC isn’t a very EV friendly / incentive state and a lot of the dealers hadn’t sold many Bolts or done one pay leases before. I was getting quoted $13K for many one pay leases and finally got a few down to $8700 range. Was curious if I got lucky with the $7200 or when I should expect to pay the remaining $1500.

Either way, just want to make sure I understand how the lease payments work.

Edit: contracts posted below:
Page 1 - One Pay Bolt Lease - Total of Scheduled Payments vs Official Taxes and Fees - #5 by nooneknows
Page 2 - One Pay Bolt Lease - Total of Scheduled Payments vs Official Taxes and Fees - #12 by nooneknows

Kind of hard to understand without seeing your contract.

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Random guess because there isn’t enough to go on, but perhaps there was a $1,500 manufacturer incentive applied.

Which incentives did you receive and how much was each?

Did you have loyalty or conquest? Without seeing the paperwork my best guess is that they used that $1,500 rebate towards the taxes and fees, but that’s just a guess.

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I qualified for Costco + Supplier and this was right before new years.
The dealership actually just called me today to have me re-sign the contract with a slightly lower total. Said they had to move around a number to correct a discrepancy to match for State tax/registration purposes. No extra money needed from me though. Just signatures. Got the v2 contract in my email and notice some lower numbers so will ask them about any refunds tomorrow before signing and returning. Though, don’t want to draw any extra attention if there’s a $1500 miss!

See both v1 and v2 below.

To me it looks like they made a mistake and charged you the wrong amount. Although I may be wrong.

I did not have loyalty or conquest, only costco + supplier. I think it is an oversight, but they are not requesting any more money for v2 contract (though, I should get a refund because v2 is lower than v1). Was curious why they would want me to re-sign a slightly modified contract. I noticed the they changed $292 taxes in Box 6A.2 vs the “Itemization of Gross Capital Cost” section on page 2 like they originally did in v1. And the total for 7A is different between v1 and v2. I haven’t yet confronted them about why the #s are different between both versions and I am not sure I should draw any more attention if it’s working in my favor…

I’m also curious if me re-signing the docs triggers anything else. They said they needed the paperwork tomorrow if possible, which I assume is because it’s the 14th day from 12/29 (the date of original paperwork).

Bumping to see if I can get any thoughts from the community before I reach back out to the dealership with the signed v2 documents today.

Should I ask about the ~$300 difference in total payments between v1 and v2? Or is this really a mistake on the dealership end and I shouldn’t call attention to the #s and just sign this and move on?

So far, I only paid the dealership $7217 per v1 and walked out with the Bolt Premier 2 weeks ago.

In any case, can someone please help me understand what happens with the $1500 in taxes/fees? Do they charge me for that later when I get registration?

I’m curious why the “sales/use tax” box has been left empty, that seems kind of strange. I’m not sure of the best way to approach that. My guess is that GMF will reject the contract again if they did not collect the taxes for it, which is what appears to be missing from both screenshots.

Damn. At that point, I wonder if I have any leverage - don’t sign the next contract or ask for a refund on the doc fees since it’s clear they’re not doing a good job with the docs?

I’m curious if anyone that knows about leasing in NC can comment here. Is it common for them to charge for the tax/fees at a later date?

I don’t believe that is a common practice anywhere. For the finance company the taxes need to be shown as paid or collected somehow, either up front or included in the monthly payment. I had some issues with that myself leasing a Bolt in NJ because EVs are tax exempt there. I had to go back to the dealership and fill out a form to satisfy GM Financial that the “taxes” were accounted for.

Well, I’m not sure if it’s a complete miss on their end, because they list the taxes/fees on the 2nd page.

Here is the 2nd page of both v1 and v2 where it clearly lists taxes/fees total (approx $1500) in Section 13. Though, I’m not sure how they get to that total. I assume it’s some combination of the numbers in Section 6A.