Omega Auto Group Kia Lease Specials June 2019

Here is our current Kia lease specials for June 2019

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DAS is DUE AT SIGNING (total money out of pocket including first months payment, upfront taxes, registration, acquisition, EVERYTHING.)
Higher mileage per year lease options are available
MSD’s are available

2019 Kia: 10,000 miles per year, 36 month lease
2019 Rio LX ($16195 MSRP): $269+tax 2k DAS
2019 Forte LX ($20160 MSRP): $159+tax 2k DAS
2019 Sedona LX ($31295 MSRP): $329+tax 2k DAS
2019 Sorento ($28685 MSRP): $239+tax 2k DAS
2019 Sportage ($24880 MSRP): $209+tax 2k DAS
2019 Stinger ($34020 MSRP): $319+tax 2k DAS
2019 Stinger GT ($40150 MSRP): $399+tax 2k DAS
2019 Soul ($19255 MSRP): $179+tax 2k DAS
2019 Soul EV ($34980 MSRP): $289+tax 2k DAS
2019 Cadenza Premium ($36265 MSRP): $339+tax 2k DAS
2019 Optima LX ($24075 MSRP): $199+tax 2k DAS
2019 Optima Hybrid EX ($28905 MSRP): $259+tax 2k DAS
2019 K900 ($61015 MSRP): $699+tax 2k DAS
2019 Niro ($24875 MSRP): $219+tax 2k DAS
2019 Niro PHEV ($29400 MSRP): $279+tax 2k DAS
2020 Telluride ($32995 MSRP): $359+tax 2k DAS

Kia pricing available to CA, AZ, and NV residents only but pricing may vary slightly for AZ and NV. No other states eligible for pricing at this time

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I am kind of new at this. are these for lease? I am just wondering Why is the Due at signing so high for Kia.

Hey @bibi! Yes these are for lease. I can do a 0 DAS lease if you want, I just did 2k DAS lease specials for pricing purposes. I can adjust the DAS, miles, lease term, and fit specifically to your needs. Let me know which car you are interested in, how much DAS, what term, and how many miles per year you need. Once I have that info I can send you over the quote.

Hey Omega,
I am looking for Optima LX, a low mileage lease 24/10 with 0 DAS, Thanks


Unfortunately, Kia does not offer 24 month leases. Here is the quote for an Optima LX on a 36 month lease.

2019 Optima LX ($24075 MSRP): $259+tax 0 DAS

Thank you Omega.

Do you have the pricing for:

Sorento EX or SX AWD
Telluride EX AWD

This is not correct. Kia does offer 24 month leases. You may not offer them which is fine, just trying to keep the info on this forum accurate.

Currently in CA Kia has a 24 month lease advertised at $139/month, 24/12, $2,657 DAS (,2,1,4). I haven’t talked to a dealer about it, so maybe there’s some more fees, but just pointing out that affordable Kia 24 month leases are possible.

Hi, anything on the Kia Niro EV EX?

apologies you are correct! I should have been more clear. Kia does not offer 24 month leases with 10,000 miles per year. They do however offer 24 month leases with 12,000 miles per year

Kia Forte EX or EX launch with 1k DAS 12k/36 months?