Omega Auto Group Honda Lease Specials June 2019

Here is our current Honda lease specials for June 2019

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DAS is DUE AT SIGNING (total money out of pocket including first months payment, upfront taxes, registration, acquisition, EVERYTHING.)
Higher mileage per year lease options are available
MSD’s are available

2019 Honda: 12,000 miles per year, 36 month Lease
2019 Civic LX ($20635 MSRP): $209+tax 1k DAS
2019 Civic Hatchback LX ($22370 MSRP): $209+tax 1k DAS
2019 Accord LX ($24640 MSRP): $289+tax 1k DAS
2019 CR-V LX ($25395 MSRP): $259+tax 1k DAS
2019 Fit LX ($17910 MSRP): $199+tax 1k DAS
2019 Odyssey LX ($31085 MSRP): $389+tax 1k DAS

Check out our full pricing list of all makes and models here

Honda pricing available to CA, AZ, and NV residents only, but pricing may vary slightly for AZ and NV. No other states eligible for pricing at this time

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