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Hi LH Community,
We’re here to help you get a great deal on your next Audi lease. Let know us how we can serve you.

AUDI - I work with 8+ dealerships locally/nationally and can easily trade to get you the right car at the right price. I’m not limited to just 1 dealership’s inventory. Picky about what you want? No problem!

Sean Lee
Managing Partner

When requesting a quote, please make sure to include the following. Really saves you and me time if you just tell me upfront all the info we need.

  • Your name please (let’s be civil)
  • Model(s) you are interested in (including engine like 40 vs 45 vs 55 etc…) :
  • Color preferences (exterior AND interior):
  • Option preferences (must haves)
  • Zip code:
  • Miles needed:
  • MSDs or no MSDs:
  • Audi Loyalty (for pull ahead):
  • Any rebates you want to use:
  • When do you need the new car?:

Our Brands: Audi, BMW, Volvo, Lexus, Alfa Romeo

OSP Auto LLC, 120 E. Main St. Suite #136, Ramsey, NJ 07446
(201) 834-6654 (TEXT IS BEST, DON’T PM)

$499 broker fee for all NJ/NY cars
OUT OF REGION IS OK, but there will be a shipping cost of $400-1200 and with the broker fee it only makes sense on cars over $65k.




Please add the DAS and MSD amounts to your title.

Nice deals!!

You guys don’t have any loaner?

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Good to finally see some deals posted on coupes

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Just sent a pm

To be clear, it looks like the manufacturer incentives, like the 3500 S3 lease cash, are all already included in your msrp discount?

Only loyalty is being represented in the incentive portion of your calculators?

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Similar to what I did with my Alfa sheet, I just added 2 columns that Audi shoppers might find helpful.

Max Potential Incentives - includes the current taxable incentives on the car.
Dealer Discount - this is what I generally find the most important which is the discount before incentives. Marketing allowances or regional bonus money will be reflected here.

My Audi dealer has no problem locating/swapping with other dealers so we can pull cars from all dealers. I can easily run searches to find any car at the dealer, at the port, or in transit. Just setup a very hard to find SQ5 deal last week as well as a S5 SB deal.

When requesting a quote, please make sure to include the following. Really saves you and me time if you just tell us upfront all the info we need:

  • Your name please:
  • Model(s) you are interested in:
  • Color/options preference:
  • Zip code:
  • Miles needed:
  • MSDs or no MSDs:
  • Loyalty or Conquest :
  • Any other incentive you may qualify for:
  • Timeframe for leasing (I only have pricing for the current month):

TEXTING ME IS BEST - (201) 834-6654


Did you calculate $7,500 Federal rebate for e-tron in the price discount or forgot to include in rebates?


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ditto… i’d like to know if the fed rebate is included in final price. thanks

Im not sure Audi leases loaners. At least, thats what i have gotten from dealers in the SE.

About the $7500 FED, I had it in the sale price. Just moved it out to the taxable rebate section. Sorry, my sheet is starting to get really complicated now on the back end. :slight_smile: Monthly is still the same, just taxes will have to be paid.

Audi loaner program is not great so I don’t even bother. If it were like BMW, I would post, but it’s not.

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Just to verify, unlike NJ, does NYC charge regular taxes, and are MSDs allowed?

Thank you

Not sure what you mean by regular, but NY is similar to NJ. Taxes are due upfront, but can be rolled into the monthly. MSD’s are not allowed by NY dealers, but you can live there and we can just use a NJ dealer.

I was under impression NJ doesn’t charge taxes on EVs, not that it matters in my case.

Do you know when Aug incentives will be available?

I’ll probably have the program around Wed/Thurs next week. Takes me a day or so to update all the numbers.

Interested in an S5 premium plus coupe. Preferably new. Sent you a pm. Thanks!

do you ship to FL?