I just reread this site:

It says…

“If you purchase and take possession of a qualifying electric vehicle after August 16, 2022 and before January 1, 2023, final assembly of the vehicle had to be completed in the United States, otherwise the same rules in effect prior to the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act apply (including those involving the manufacturing caps on vehicles sold). ”

And then says “ may meet the final assembly requirement” so it’s not for certain the Q5e will qualify. I have a handful of builds that should be here by 1/1 so it seems they may qualify. But whether Audi passes it in for lessees is up to Audi. The site further states the IRS will provide further guidelines so it looks like they haven’t fully baked things.

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I got a call to purchase a Q4. But it’s $70k after markup, $77k out the door. No federal rebate. :man_shrugging:

does it come with lube?

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I have a black/brown Q4 etron P+ at $60k MSRP. No markup, but have to wait 90 days (all dealers are supposed to have a stop sale for 90 days) and will have demo miles (prob 1-2k). No fed rebate unfortunately.


FYI, looks like the Q5 55’s are going to get the $7500 tax credit (not applicable to leases) since they’re made in Mexico. Your income must be below $150k single and $300k married to claim it. I actually have one coming in Nov that’s unspoken for. 3% off and the $7500 tax credit is effectively 16.7% off. Definitely a car to purchase, not lease.

3% off
2023 Q5 S Line 55 TFSI
$62965 MSRP
CRJ - CREDIT - Integrated Toll Module
PFW - Black optic package
U07 - 20" 5-double-spoke star design wheels w/ runflat tires
WPS - Premium Plus package
6Y6Y - Daytona Gray pearl effect/BG - Okapi Brown

Another Q5e popped up, it’s configurable unlike the Daytona/Brown I posted 2 days ago. Dec/Jan ETA. not sure when it’s going to be frozen to changes, but right now it’s Chronos grey on black P+ with Black Optic and Warm weather. Come and get it!

Any option to order a q5 55 prestige at those discounts?

Yes, one of them is not frozen to changes so you can make it a prestige. Text me if you’d like to discuss further.

Any killer Q3 deals around?


When requesting a quote, PLEASE make sure to include the following. TEXT IS BEST to reach me (201) 834-6654

  • Your name please (please don’t be rude, introduce yourself, say hello first)
  • Model(s) you are interested in (including engine like 40 vs 45 vs 55 etc…) :
  • Color preferences (exterior AND interior):
  • Option preferences (must haves)
  • Build code if applicable
  • Zip code:
  • Miles needed:
  • MSDs or no MSDs:
  • Audi Loyalty (for pull ahead):
  • Any rebates you want to use:
  • When do you need the new car?:
  • Trade in?

Here are some of the cars in stock/in-transit/factory.


Updated the pricing sheet a bit.

Also, got 2 Q5e’s coming hopefully be end of the year. I’m sitting on them for now, but will need to release them back to the dealer soon. They’ve agreed to let me discount them to 4% now from 3%. If the cars land and you close before 1/1, I think there is no income cap for the $7500 tax credit. If you close 1/1 or after, then you’ll have the $150k/$300k single/married income cap.

Does the income cap apply if you buy in 2022? I thought that it was just the place of assembly.

Actually maybe the income rule doesn’t take effect yet. It should take effect 1/1.

Are they assembled in North America?

Yes. Audi makes Q5’s in Mexico so they qualify.

Had a good convo with one of my newer dealers. They’ll do this on some of their inventory.

  • 12% off 2022 Q5’s
  • 11% off 2022 Q3 45’s and some SQ5’s

To be transparent, the above is the net effective discount after a $1500 Loyalty rebate (lease must be ending by Dec). The actual dealer discount is about 6-7% off plus rebates which is about 1-2% deeper than I have posted on my sheet.

When requesting a quote, please make sure to include the following. TEXT IS BEST to reach me (201) 834-6654

  • Your name please (let’s be civil, introduce yourself, say hello first)
  • Model(s) you are interested in:
  • Color preferences (exterior AND interior):
  • Option preferences (must haves)
  • Zip code:
  • Miles needed:
  • When you need the car by:
  • Trade in?

Quick update on those Q5 55e’s I have. Several people wanted to be sure the car landed before Dec for the tax rebate and they definitely will. Still available. Will press my dealer for 4% off, but may end up 3%. Purchase only.

  • Daytona/brown P+ with Black Optic just landed at the port. ETA is prob 2-3 weeks now.
  • White Prestige with Black Optic and Sport + finished production. ETA is prob 1 mo out.

A very dumb qn :slight_smile: If a 2022 q7 and 2023 q7 has same deal , why would some one go for 2022 version , because a year will make a lot of difference when selling

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