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Is PenFed also still a thing with Audi? Was looking on their website and shows bonus cash for various models. Wondering if this would stack with Costco.

Messaged you about eTrons

Sorry, Penfed and Costco is NOT stackable.

Looks like there’s no more lease loyalty as well.

Will update this thread when I have the full picture with dealer discounts, but Costco is always disruptive to the typical discounts I can get.


Is this still available?

Prob won’t have pricing set til Mon/Tues, but some people asked me about Costco stacking with the $7500 rebate. The answer is yes according to one of my dealers.


Sorry for getting this out so late. Demand seems to be coming back as I sold a bunch of cars without even posting the program.


  • $1,000 member-only incentive on Audi A3, S3, A4, S4, A5, S5, Audi Q4 e-tron® 40, Audi Q5, Audi SQ5
  • $1,500 member-only incentive on Audi A6, S6, Audi Q7, Audi SQ7, e-tron®
  • $3,000 member-only incentive on Audi e-tron® S
  • $5,000 member-only incentive on Audi A8, S8, e-tron® GT, RS e-tron® GT

Must be a member by February 28, 2023. Register by April 30, 2023. Take delivery by May 15, 2023.

  • Dealer discounts are strong even on some of the S models. I have 2 clients who asked me to hunt down some 2022 eTron GT and RS eTron GT deals. If I come across anything interesting, I’ll post them up.

  • Q5 inventory is low. I HIGHLY advise people to put a car on hold sooner than later especially b/c it’ll be madness at monthend with Costco. I predict I will be sold out of Q5 at my cheapest dealers and then you’ll be left with a poor discount at my 2nd tier dealers. March pipeline refill cars aren’t landing until end of April so I already have a few customers who reserved them and they should still be able to sneak in Costco.

Please kindly send all the below. TEXT IS BEST to reach me (201) 834-6654.

  • Your name please (let’s be civil, introduce yourself, say hello first)
  • Model(s) you are interested in:
  • Color preferences (exterior AND interior):
  • Option preferences (must haves)
  • Zip code:
  • Miles needed:
  • When you need the car by:
  • Costco member as of 2/28?

Is the Q5 at 10% stack with costco?

What’s the timeline on the SQ7s nowadays? Is it still 9-12months out for deliver?

The $1k costco rebate is in addition to the dealer discount. FYI, stacking generally refers to multiple rebates that can be “stacked” or combined together. Costco is the only outside rebate I know of that can be used right now on Audi. It doesn’t stack with Penfed. It does stack with the $7500 on EV’s tho.

I see allocations with ETA’s of July/Aug that are not frozen yet. Safe to day the lead times on SQ7’s is easily 5-8 mos as I’d also have to get you one at a dealer who’s discounting.

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Apologies, I didn’t have the Costco rebate in the google sheet for the Q5 and Q5 SB’s. Fixed now.

I see the Q5 Sportback is sold out, can you place an order for it and lock in the incentives/msrps discounts?


Actually have 2 q5 sb P+ at around $58k msrp. Daytona/black. One with black optic. This dealer is 9% off plus rebates.

I’ll DM you.

Emails and DM/PM’s just get less attention. Text is best.

I was not able to find this info on your sheet for March.

  1. Are there any loyalty incentives?
  2. Is there a 3-month pull ahead program?

Sorry, no to both. Pretty much just Costco and lease cash on select models. Penfed and Costco do not stack.


Thank you for the quick response.

Just a FYI, Q5’'s are running very low for March. Not that much inventory either for April either so I highly recommend setting up a deal even this month and holding an inbound car for next month. I can lock in the lease program (MF/RV) and Costco is through end of April.

S4 and S5’s almost sold out.

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That’s a pretty dramatic drop in MFs this month. Surprising, given that interest rates and inflation keep rising.


have any s7s ?