Hey! What is the lease price for 36 months 10k miles for Acura Integra A-Spec Tech in NJ? Have the lease programs changed from May to June?

My understanding is that June is the same so the sheet shouldn’t be changing. As per my instructions, please text me with all the info I ask for if you’d like a quote.

I’m seeing 25’s starting to come in tho across the board so 24’s are getting very short in supply.

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When you say the 25’s are rolling in - is that across all the Acura models? Would the 2025 MDX Tech lease out on the same basis as your sheet for May?

I know A-Spec and Tech ran out, any idea if those will be back for June and if so, when? Thanks!

I see these 2025’s in transit, but a few of the MDX Aspec with Advance are landed. I’ll have to get the pricing updated, but it likely won’t be good.


SH-AWD with Advance Package
SH-AWD with A-Spec Advance Package
SH-AWD with A-Spec Package
SH-AWD with Technology Package
SH-AWD Type S Advance

Do you have any 2024 MDXs - Tech Package available? Based on what I’m reading here - they seem to be gone?

As per my sheet, no more.