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Just got my dealer to drop the base MDX to 8% off. $545/mo for 7500 miles + TTL. I think this is now one of the best deals on a 3rd row luxury SUV.

Also, if you didn’t know, the MDX has a 2nd row bench, but you can take out the center to make it easier to get to the 3rd row. Sort of like having captains chairs. So it’s both 6 and 7 seat configuration in one. Oh those clever Acura/Honda engineers.

Texted about 2023 mdx

FYI, shipping out of region is ok. I just shipped 2 to the west coast. Will facilitate shipping.

Free local delivery with an hr of the dealership.

Got my dealers to drop prices on these models:

- Integra base now 5% off (only 1 left)
- Integra Tech and Aspec now 6% off
- RDX now 4% off
- TLX Tech and Aspec now 9% off

I texted you about MDX Aspec please advise

Any MDX Type S advanced deals?

Any type S is 2% off.

Can I get a calc? MDX Type S Advanced.

Zip 44221.

March Program Posted

  • discounts are still strong and now there’s loyalty and conquest.

PLEASE make sure to include the following if you’d like my help. TEXT IS BEST to reach me (201) 834-6654. A lot of people tend to be rude not even saying their name and don’t give me enough info to reply back with meaningful info.

  • Your name please (let’s be civil)
  • Model(s) you are interested in:
  • Color preferences (exterior AND interior):
  • Option preferences (must haves)
  • Zip code:
  • Miles needed:
  • Current vehicles for loyalty or conquest:
  • When do you need the new car?:
  • Credit score (if known):
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Text’d you. Hunting for a base MDX and looks like you’ve got the best pricing. Great reviews too. Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

You got it. We just got a few in.

This month conquest is very specific on model and brands. Interesting to see how they must view the competition and what models match up or don’t.

AMOUNT $500 $1,000 $500 $1,000
Audi x x x x
BMW x x x x
Buick x x
Cadillac x x x x
Genesis x x x
Honda x x x x
Hyundai x
Infiniti x x x
Kia x x
Lexus x x x
Mercedes Benz x x x
Nissan x
Subaru x
Tesla x x x
Toyota x
Volkswagen x
Volvo x x x

FYI, the conquest or loyalty cars must be 2013 or new.

Just a quick reminder to PLEASE provide me all the above when contacting me. Getting a lot of folks who aren’t providing all the info and it’s a lot of unnecessary back/forth.

FYI, we have a few base MDX’s left.

Free delivery within a 50 miles radius. Anything beyond, it’s pretty reasonable. We have one going out to Philly for $200 next week.