Offloading an audi etron gt lease

OP needs to share some numbers so ppl here can at least do some math.
ignore me if you’re paying 1500/mo tho…

Early termination is your answer - selling it will make no sense

I took my 500 miles RS Etron and was already underwater

Read your contract - not sure if AFS is different state - but I am in Texas and I early term’d it. I am waiting on my final bill. Per my contract I pay only depreciation, w&t and fees ($495 dispo fee)

Or just pay all the monthly payments and ground it, yikes if you have $1k plus mo payment

Pretty sure for an RS outside of NJ (tax free) and TX (tax credits) your paying 1k+/mo after taxes/fees. Had a bit if buyers remorse after seeing these taycan deals pop up weeks after I got my RS… but i definitely burn thru $ faster with other ways than a daily driven car

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