Offers on Infiniti Q60 and QX50 requesting feedback

Hi there everyone! I am hoping the knowledgable folks here can offer some opinions on lease offers we have gotten for two specific models of Inifinti vehicles.

My wife will be doing a 39 month lease on a new car, she is trying to decide between two very different vehicles that will both work for her in different ways:

Infiniti QX50 compact SUV

Infiniti Q60 2-door coupe

We live in Hawaii, only one single Infiniti dealer and no competition, fortunately the sales associate we have been working with has been amazing. knowledgable about the options, happy to go straight to invoice price, and giving detailed quotes through email.

Here’s the offers pasted below, please let us know what you think.

Also, I have never leased before, and am trying to learn what numbers can be further negotiated and which parts are just beyond their control.

Selling price: He is going straight to invoice price, but since we will be buying in the last week of the 2016 calendar year, should they be willing to go below invoice into the holdback? Hawaii is a very non-competitive car market so I was suprised he even went to invoice, other brands I looked at were not budging from MSRP or even “Hawaii adjusted price” of thousands above sticker.

For the two cars we are looking at they have about 15 of each on the lot in assorted trim levels, and the inventory has hardly budged in the month we’ve been keeping tabs, so I feel there’s metal they need to move

Documentation Fee: Could this be waived since they are already making money on the holdback

Disposition Fee: Is this negotiable or is it beyond their control

Lease Care Package: Optional so I don’t have it included in the quotes below, he quoted $800 price, allowing for $5000 of wear and damage, instead of the standard $500 of just wear.

Is this like an extended warranty where its negotiable I should try to get it for a much lower number?

Preventative Maintenance: Still waiting to hear back if that is included, if not is that something that people can haggle to get included?

Onto the numbers:

QX50 with premium 1 package, premium 2 package, and tire/wheel package

Vehicle Selling Price: $36,589.00 (I verified on

Drive Off $1023.86 consisting of three items only:

1st payment of $359.31
documentation fee of $295
DMV fee of $369.55 ( very high in Hawaii)

38 remaining monthly payments: $359.31

Disposition fee to turn car back in: $395

Total cost for lease: $15,072.64

$24,146 Residual (but we are probably not planning on buying at the end of the lease, would want whatever comes next)

The above numbers were done with applying maximum MSDs, I was told "Security Deposit can only be used to lower the money factor to .00001 or higher (on the QX) so only 5 security deposits can be used to lower the base money factor of .00060 to .00010

and then the other car:

Q60 2-door coupe 3.0T
Driver’s Assistance Package
Semi-Aniline Leather
Cargo Package
Premium Plus Package )

Vehicle Selling Price: $48,921 (again I verified on that is the invlice price for a Q60 with those 4 option packages)

Drive Off $1173.95 consisting of:
1st payment of $468.52
doc fee of $295
DMV fee of $369.55

38 remaining monthly payments: $468.52

Disposition fee to turn car back in: $395

Total cost for lease: $19372.71

$32,911 Residual (again probably not planning on buying at the end of the lease, would want whatever comes next)

For the Q60’s MSDs, it is using the maximum 9 of them to change the money factor from the original .00113 to a new one of 0.00023 new money factor

Aloha. Both look good for a non competitive market. They fall in the 1% rule nicely

Have you looked into negotiating a better deal in the Southern California market and having it shipped to Hawaii? Not sure if this is possible or if it would be worth it. If it is, you might even be able to use it as leverage against the dealer in Hawaii to force them lower.

Nice thing about Hawaii is you can’t do long cross country drives so low mileage leases should be easier to stick to. Be sure and test drive a QX50 with the technology package. Lane departure prevention and intelligent cruise control make driving a more relaxing experience.

Thanks everyone for all the responses, very much appreciated.

We did the deal yesterday and drove home with the Q60 which we are loving so far. It is replacing a 2004 Acura TSX.

3.0T V-6 engine
Majestic (Pearl) White ($500 upgrade color)
Premium Plus Package
Driver’s Assistance Package
Semi-Aniline Leather Package

Monthly payment: $466/month

Different numbers than 1st post since settled on different stock#. Pearl white paint $500 upgrade) but no cargo package ($300ish).

Was able to get the dealer to knock off another $1000 off selling price, down to $1000 under invoice, which I think is pretty hard to do in Hawaii, even in late December.

Tried for more of a discount while there in person, directly with the sales manager who I made talk with me face to face, and was respectfully told that was it, any lower and they were not interested in selling. Who knows if that would have changed as we got closer to 31st.

I was happy with that price in the end with that last $1000 knocked off, not an amazing deal like these SoCal BMW deals, but in my opinion a good value for Hawaii and for exactly the car we wanted, after trying a lot of 2-door coupes from Japanese and German brands.

Monthly payment of $466/month includes a $795 lease care package rolled into the monthly payments (added about $20/month). Thought about this one long and hard, but we decided we would both be able to relax and enjoy the car over the next 3 years, if we were not worrying about every little bit of damage what we’d be charged for it.

I asked if the price on that was negotiable (like extended factory warranties are) and at first explained I didn’t want it at full price, but was told that the price was set by Infiniti and there was no markup, and the price was set. No idea if that’s true or not.

MSRP $52,505
Selling price $49688, which consisted of:

-Selling price of $48,193 ($1000 under invoice)
-$700 acquisition fee
-$795 Infiniti Lease Care package (covers $5000 of wear and tear vs. standard $0 if not re-leasing)

Drive Off consisted of:
1st payment of $466
Doc fee of $295
DMV fee of $369.55
$4500 in refundable MSDs ($500x9)

38 remaining monthly payments: $466
Total cost for lease: $18,874

63% Residual (again probably not planning on buying at the end of the lease, would want whatever comes next)
0.00023 new money factor (after 9 MSDs)

Free oil changes for life of lease

Checked all their numbers on the contract against numbers made by the “leasematic” app on my iphone, which was an awesome tool for making sure no funny business. The F&I guy thought I was nuts as I was checking each number carefully and making sure they matched to the penny. Also did the math manually and its all matched as well.

Regarding the QX50, we did test drive it back to back with the Q60, twice on two separate visits. Their lease quote for the QX50 at invoice, with both the premium and tech package, would have been a good $4000 cheaper than the Q60. However, in the end the wife went with the Q60 since:

-We already have a 2015 Odyssey minivan, I am the stay at home parent for the next 3 years while she will be working, and we don’t need 2 practical cars at the same time. The Q60 felt more like something fun, different, special, sexy, etc. My wife works hard at her job, makes a good living, and deserves a fun and luxurious ride :slight_smile:

-The QX50 is an older design and while very nice (nicer than Lexus and Acura IMO) didn’t feel as upscale inside as the Q60. The infotainment system was the biggest example of this, the screen was very low-resolution and dated feeling.

Part of the point of a new car, and leasing one, was to keep up with new tech and enjoy the latest and greatest, the QX-50 didn’t feel like it would be achieving this goal as good as the Q60 with its dual, hi-res screens, zillions of vehicle preferences, etc.

The dealer did not have any Q60s with the 3rd “tech” package that gives the extra safety features, but I don’t think they would have been worth it to us anyway. My wife is happy with the automatic braking, the blind sport warning, the backup cam, and the top down view the Q60 she got does have. Automatic lane departure and especially adaptive cruise control are, at that point, icing on the cake that she didn’t think she’d care about compared to what she did get.

I did not get any quotes from LA dealers that would need to be shipped,I had not thought about that to be honest. I think shipping is around $1000 (could be wrong) so they would have had to do $2000 under invoice to match the deal, and more to beat it. Could have saved a alot, not sure.


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Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed follow-up. Sounds like a great car that you are going to love!. :smile: