Offeri g $1K incentive for Lease Transfer $475 for 54k P3 C300 4 Matic incl Maint, Incentive and 0 down

Hi guys just bought an E Class last week and looking to transfer the lease on my 2017 C300 in Designò Cardinal red. The 475 payment includes NJ tax and the pre Paid Maintainance for the life of the lease. 15 more months left as of today at roughly 1400 miles per month. Zero down payment. Note that the car comes in the 5 star AMG wheels seen on the last pic below.
Also See below for the swapalease posting.

I’d be interested in this had you been in California lol. Best of luck, nice car!

That red is gorgeous. Good luck with the transfer.

Thank you very Much!

Thanks! Would make for a great road trip!

I’m in Massachusetts- do you know if this lease is transferable there?