Offer on new 2019 Lexus RC 350

UPDATE: Dealer messed up numbers and I pointed it out. Rather than making it work, he expected me to pay $84 a month more! I walked …

Just negotiated this deal. Not yet signed. Took a few weeks shopping and going back and forth, but here it is:

2019 Lexus RC 350
MSRP $56,065
Selling price: $48,250 (13.8% discount)
Lease cash: $3250
Net Cap: $45,795
Term: 36mo / 15k miles yr
Residual: 46%
Due at signing: $1570 (incl. first month payment)
Monthly incl tax: $599


Looks like a great deal.

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Deal gone rogue.

Is the lease cash included in the discount and have you checked that MF/RV are base on Edmunds?

The lease cash is not included in the discount. With the lease cash, the discount is 19.8%.

As long as the MF and RV check out sounds like a very good deal, congrats! That RV really takes a toll on the hackability of the car.

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Apparently there was a mistake in the numbers. Dealer says it will now be 684.00 a month. Comical part is the dealership acted like it was perfectly normal despite me pointing this out weeks ago. They just dragged their feet until I was ready. The salesman said, “I would’ve just signed the deal. My manager would have eventually gotten chewed out but you would be into in a new car.” Little does he know, Lexus Finance it would have negated the contract even if it initially passed through the dealership. Little to say, I walked.

Share dealer info so we can avoid and becareful with that dealer.

PM’d you with info.