Offer for 2020 Honda Pilot Touring AWD


I recently contacted a dealer for a 2020 Honda Pilot Touring AWD lease. I was looking for a 36/12 deal. (They originally quoted me approx $480 for the 36mo, but in the email they sent in the quote for the 39mo. Also, I have a 2017 Highlander in it’s very last month of a 3-yr lease which I actually may have just sent in the final payment)

They quoted me this:

MSRP $45,715.00
Selling price: $39,817.00
Lease: 39 month lease, 12,000 miles/year with $700.00 total out of pocket - your payment would be $444.00

I know I need much more information like the breakdown of the “out of pocket” fee’s, how much is the acquisition fee, dealer fee etc.

and according to lease hacker calc My LeaseHackr Calcualations Honda Pilot

I know I can take that # way down. I’m just wondering how do I word my response? I already responded by asking “What incentives are available at this time?” which they responded:

I’m not sure I understand the question - all dealer incentives that are applicable to you are applied. Honda came out with a loyalty/conquest cash that customers would qualify for if they have a 2009 or newer non-luxury vehicle in the household. Based on previous conversation you mentioned that you have a 2017 Toyota thats coming due soon so we included the conquest cash in the lease quote & selling price that we sent you.

I’m just having trouble wording my requests and responses. Do I just say to them straight up “Based on the MF of .00142 and 61% residual etc. can you make me this offer of x?”

Thanks in advance

Have you confirmed incentives/rv/mf with edmunds?

Straight up ask them for a breakdown of fees.

Yes, I posted on Edmunds and it said those #'s and it also said $1000 incentive.

So they’re at $444/mo with $700 DAS.

Depending on fee breakdown, that looks like your $39817 selling price is pre-incentive to get there, not post, so you’re getting a pretty decent discount.

There may be a little more to be had here, but I don’t think you’re getting that number way down from there. Why do you think there’s that much room?

What do you think the right price should be?

Yes but that $440/mo is for a 39 month. I know for the 36 on the phone they said it was around $480. I guess I was looking at the leasehackr #'s $445 but I guess they are just rolling that tax into the payments?

I was hoping to get it around $450 for 36 months.

You need to find out the difference in mf/rv between 36 and 39 months to compare. Sometimes there’s a huge difference.

The leasing bank that particular dealer uses may only offer 39 month deals vs 36…perhaps ask who the leasing bank is and / or ask if any 36 month options are available.

They do have 36mo. leases, they quoted me but they forgot to put it in the email. the mf/residual I got from Edmunds was for 36mo/12k. I don’t remember exactly, but the quote on the 36mo was almost $500.


I just emailed the dealership asking for a breakdown of all fee’s, a worksheet of the lease or a screenshot and they said they don’t provide that unless I come in.

But they said that for the 36mo. lease it would be $700 upfront and a monthly of $479.

You got a pretty good deal on 39 months. I can match it, but not beat it.

What about on the 36 mo? ($700 upfront / $479 monthly)