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The entire conversation you quoted is about the brand. The physical product that rolls off the assembly line is only part of it.

I’ve read endless stories about the horrific Genesis dealer network and ownership experience.

The cars may be awesome, but I’ve experienced both Hyundai and Kia shopping firsthand while helping others look for cars, and all I can say is YEESH.

They may make a great car, but no one I know buys saffron at a flea market.

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Unfortunately, when driving the Genesis, I am constantly reminded of a 2015 Sonata Limited that I drove for some time (constantly got car sick in it). The same screen, navigation, infotainment, buttons, blinker sound, leather, smell, and material feel. While the Genesis has much better performance (especially the 3.3T), I just get that “Sonata Limited” feel.

Regarding the Altima, not once did I ever get car sick in that car. No complaints at all. It never left me stranded, and I was very happy with that car. The zero gravity seats were fantastic (much better than the ones in the Sonata and Genesis).

I bought a 2015 Altima for 18k, well loaded (SL model I believe it said on the back), brand new (yes, it was a unicorn deal!), and it served me great. It was very efficient, put 0 money into maintenance (it came with that service package), and it handled the harsh and broken roads of Baltimore without an issue. After almost 3 years, the interior was like new. No rattles, no plastic fade, and everyone who got in it, thought it was brand new. The tech was easy to use, BOSE audio was excellent. After almost 3 years of hardcore use, and putting ~50k miles on it, including a bad carfax report due to a hit and run incident, I was able to still get $12k for it in trade in.

The only time you could hear the CVT was when it was floored (putting it in Ds mode took that issue away). It never bothered me. It was a smooth, responsive gearbox, that was very good for daily commuting. The cabin was very quiet, and a 100+ mile daily commute wasn’t bad at all.

Why not add Volvo to that list. I test drove the new S60 and it was pretty nice

I would suggest joining a Facebook S60 group. Many owners are experiencing issues with these new builds. I would take a Q70 5.6 instead. Screw apple car play :joy:

That thing is a relic…absolutely awful.

Sounds like standard Volvo fare. Beautiful cars that are incredibly unreliable and poorly built with all kinds of electrical gremlins. Terrible NVH too.

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How is a 420hp V8 with AWD awful? Can someone tell me please.

You know what else has a 420 HP V8 with AWD? The Genesis G80 you just said was awful a few posts above. At least the G80 is modern though.

The Q70 5.6L will walk the Genesis G80 in the newer body style. It is heavier than its predecessor, and even back then, it was faster than the 2012 Genesis 5.0. And again, do you really want to pay almost 65 grand for a Hyundai? Majority of people won’t. Only way it is modern is with apple car play. It’s a 2014 body style (almost 6 years old).

Really? According to, the latest numbers they have for both are:

Q70L 5.6: 0-60 5.1 secs, quarter mile 13.7 secs
G80 5.0: 0-60 5.1 secs, quarter mile 13.5 secs
G80 3.3T: 0-60 4.9 secs, quarter mile 13.5 secs

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Why Q70L? Look at regular Q70. That car runs ~13s @ 109-110.

Not to mention the Q70 is just a rebadged M56 which hasn’t been redesigned since the 2011 model year. The G80 was redesigned for the 2015 model year. They are both long in the tooth now, but there is a brand new G80 coming out next year. Haven’t heard anything about a Q70 replacement. Nissan’s whole product line (to include Infiniti) is in the streets currently.

M56 S Sedan RWD 7A 4.7 sec 13.2 sec @ 108 mph Car and Driver

The G80 is a rebaged Genesis 3.8. It came out in 2014. It was changed to Genesis after 2016my.

The M56/Q70 can run in 12s range with good driver. 12.9s @ 109.

Nope, the 2014 MY was the previous generation. 2015 introduced the 2nd gen Hyundai Genesis (I know, because I owned one). Then it became the G80 a year later. Don’t confuse model year with calendar year.

Yeah, you are right. But it already sold in 2014 though. But still, 5 years, and no change. Just re-badging, and +10k to the price. The M56 was rebadged in 2015 to Q70. Same concept. The VK56 though is a very amazing engine, that will run forever. It’s truly a great setup. It has all the new features except Apple Car Play. I don’t see what else it doesnt have. Updated Navigation? Yes. Touchscreen? Yes. Bose concert hall? Yes. Ventilated seats? Yes. 360 camera? Yes. Intelligent Cruise Control? Yes. What else do you need?

I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on which outdated V8 powered Asian sedan is better, LOL.

What’s outdated? I still can’t see, except Car Play. As I said above, it has almost every feature you can wish for, except a Audi monitor that’s $300.

It has touchscreen 420hp, 3d nav, voice control, intelligent cruise control, seat ventilation, 360 camera, heated steering wheel, emergency braking, lane keep assist, bose concert hall, remote start…what else does it need???