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Could you send me your link?

Can you please send me the link for BMW i3 lease? Thanks!

I don’t have the link, can you please send it? Thanks!

Link please. Lease up in one month. WA state resident

Can I see the spreadsheet? interested in Q7/Q8

Hey Fredy,

How does it work if I want to lease a car from you and take delivery in SoCal?


Link please!

Hi Cody do you still have link? Im looking at leasing a Camry or Prius and my brother wants an SUV/Truck

Hi I am interest. Can you contact me?

Hi! Could you send me the spreadsheet? I’m interested in either purchasing or leasing the Q7 2.0. Can you confirm that the gross vehicle weight is > 6000 lbs? Thank you

Looking for a quote on a Escape SEL. 36/10k paying taxes, fees and transfer of plates. Registered in Suffolk County. Thanks

Perhaps. Sorry, just venting.

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Haha, I feel your pain. April/May had some of the craziest deals of the year. Q7’s for <$450 with competitive lease. It was just a little bit more than a Q5.

The economy has been “about to fall of a cliff” for 3 years. Car manufacturers don’t create deals based on what may happen they react to what is actually happening.


As someone who leased a Q5 in the past, on what planet did you ever see one in the 3s without some huge down payment?

I had a 50K P+, and was paying 577 with audicare, 9% LA tax, 36/10, first month only drive off and I never saw or heard of any better deals…this was back in 2015.

Here you go, although LA is arguably another planet:

That is a worthless ad…mileage, duration etc aren’t included. Everything about it screams bait and switch. For all you know it could be a 7 year lease!

Wrong again. These guys are legitimate brokers that I’ve used twice. It was a 36/7.5 lease. I was going to get it, but changed my mind at the last minute because I got an even better deal on an A4 for 280/month 36/7.5. You’re the typical presumptuous blowhard Angeleno. You shoot your mouth off without any facts, then back pedal when someone proves you wrong. Get a life.

Take it to the PM’s please…


Show me a picture of the signed lease deal and I’ll be glad to retract my opinion.

Don’t know why you got so hostile…you’re link had ZERO information except for monthy payment.

And I’m from the East Coast.