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DM me spreadsheet please.

Please send spreadsheet.

Could you send me the dealer info. Looking for the same deal, I’m located in SoCal.

Dealer info, thanks.

Lol im the buyer not the broker lol

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We’re did you go l need that deal looking for this car can you assist me

Wow that’s an amazing deal. Looks like you are close to what I was seeing for a RAV4 granted without the MSD

Can you share which dealer you worked with? Might have to shift my search to a 430Xi :slight_smile:

PM me details on GLS demo please

I am just saying that I do not support German cars. I do not like them, they are terrible in my opinion. I have grounds to say that.
If someone wants to go support them, go ahead. You realize how many enslaved Russians they had, working at BMW to make these cars during WWII? And now you telling me well folks BMW’S are worth buying. No thanks!

BMW dealers are rip offs, especially for the crappy cars they have…
Would much rather take a Genesis 3.3T than a BMW 3/5.

Q50 RS drives just fine, and has a good and reliable transmission. Better than that Stinger :joy:

What’s all that hate about gosh? A4 doesn’t even have a touchscreen. Not going to even talk about “proper” integration lol.

Stay away from BMW. They are pure unreliable rip-offs. Go to a Lexus dealer, and see if they can get you into a GS350 with minimal loss on the trade in.

Thought you were talking about a BMW lease, till I saw Durango :laughing:

Yeah. The Audi screen is like an ipad stuck in the center. Most of them don’t even have touchscreens.

If you actually read my post, you would notice that launch control would not activate in the 328i! Hence that 5.9s stated time meant nothing. Acura would dust it. Only way BMW or Audi will accelerate is off launch control.
Acura has a good setup and many will agree.

Lol man go to car groups and read about oil consumption issues before name calling.

Hi, Nice car!
Could you share dealer name with me ?
I would like to contact him to make a solid deal like you.

Thanks in advance

Link please

Can you PM me numbers without loyalty ?

Hi, I am in SoCal, looking for deals on 3 series gt, 6 series gt or x4/x6.