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INterested in the E300, please PM me details. I’m in NJ area

Please PM me the link.

hey so I have no idea how to use this, I’m probably in the wrong place but. I wanted to know the MF, residual, also lease credits on a 2019 Audi S4 if there are any, ZIP 11040, thank you.

Google audi s4 residual

I have PM you i can show you a better offer

You need to register as a dealer or broker if you want to solicit business here.

link please.

INterested in this. PM me the details please. Also it has the collision package? you got list of features here

PM me the updated sheet

Spreadsheet link pleas3

Sounds like the deal I need… what dealer?

I am interested too. Please send me the details

Hi Cody, would you please send me the link to the September spreadsheet. Thanks.

lease me a raptor…with a legit deal! will achieve legend status here if you can pull one off.
current leasee ready to sign asap
I’m in PA…

You can’t lease raptors, you can lease a limited or any other trim. I apologies for the inconvenience.

lol, the limited now has the same engine as the raptor so you get a luxurious raptor with massaging seats.

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You can lease Raptors, there just are not any manufacture programs.

aka they have realistic residuals and high money factors. Which means high monthly payments.

You actually can’t, you can lease any 150 except the raptor, ford also does not lease Mustang GT or higher trims. The current raptors though are not able to be leased, as when I pull up the incentives/vin it will tell me residual and tier interest. Raptors do not show any residual charts, this only happens when ford does not allow us to lease a particular vehicle.

How about buying a very slightly used model and letting someone else take the huge initial depreciation hit? Probably the better move.