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And…I personally love the styling on the Mirai as well.

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I was told you can’t get the Edison rebate with a fuel cell…?

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You can’t. Its on their site but when you try to apply it will say you don’t qualify

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Payment just went up! :frowning: sorry got this since you didn’t have any when I text you.

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Still a free car:heavy_check_mark:

Hi ,

How do you see this deal from CT . Any other place where i can reduce price .

Vehicle Volvo
Model 2019
Trim T6 Inscription
Packages Advanced
MSRP including Destination Fee $52,760.00
Selling Price $41,196.60
Residual Value $30,600.80
Money Factor .00082
Miles/Term 12K/36 Months
DAS 427.51
Monthly Payment Including Tax 427.51

Stop spamming every Volvo thread in addition to PMing me. I’ve already told you to open your own thread

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Hi Cody can I get the link please

Emailed Dave and never got a quote. Texted him and never got a reply. Left a voicemail and never got a reply. Nice customer service you got there, what a joke. Guess Dave got too many customer he couldn’t give two s***.

You seem nice


He posted his work schedule on his other thread:

Wednesday the 29th - OFF
Thursday the 30th - 11am - 8pm
Friday the 31st :ghost:- 11am - 8pm
Saturday the 1st - 9am - 8pm

He’s actually super helpful and respected, I’m sure he will get back to you when he’s back in the office.

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I understand that, which is why I’m frustrated. I should have noted that this is over the course of 3 weeks not just one particular day. I came off a rude, but given that this is the “Only dealership in history to win BMW North America’s coveted Center of Excellence Award in it’s first year of business” I’m disappointed.

This is stupid. I bought a car from Dave last year and he was quite responsive and helpful. Recently I needed to buy another one in a very short period of time and he was very overwhelmed and we couldn’t get aligned to get a deal going, yet he still eventually did write me (at like 1 am!), explained why he could not be responsive at the time I had reached out and was very gracious and professional when I said I had gone in another direction.

He does care about his customers. Be wary of the dealers who need to chase YOU down.

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No… whats stupid is having to use 3 different methods of contact over a period of 3 weeks to get a quote. I’m glad you had a good experience. I didn’t and have decided to move on.

Yes you did come off as rude and yes I did read your email from May 10th and forgot to mark it unread so that I could respond when I was done with my client. So for that I apologize. But all you had to do was send another email with something like “Hey Dave, did you get my email from the other day?”

To say I don’t care about my clients or that I don’t give a sh** is unkind and untrue. The voicemail and text message you mention we’re both from yesterday on my day off while I’m spending the very few hours I have per week with my family.


Ditto 202020

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Dave you are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise !!!


Thank you! I know it’s impossible to please everyone and there will always be those people that get upset very easily. Doesn’t bother me though. I sleep perfectly fine every night knowing that I give 110% in everything I do.


Looks like another free Mirai Cricketer!

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That is a super deal !! I will be picking up a Mirai myself in a week or so.

Only wish I qualified for that fantastic SJ County Clean Air rebate. Unfortunately, I am in Sacramento and so no luck for me on that. Congrats !