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TBH, this thread is getting out of control again. The idea behind this thread is to be a wiki for general BMW information.

You don’t have comments on a wiki.

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Link please

Can you send me a link?

Can u pm me the dealer name. Looking at A series too

Link please

Can I have the Link please?

Link please.

Thank you.

Link please

Link please :slight_smile: thanks!

Link please

Amazing! I didn’t know they made a plug in version. So pretty much 11400 / 36 = 305 per month before the rebates. I would have taken it at 305 anyway. :heart_eyes:

I don’t think it matters much which approach one uses to evaluate the lease. Either way this is incredible!

Worst case—

-$39/$76,630 = -0.051%

Best case—
+$27.78/$76,630 = +0.036%

Some folks say <0.4% denotes unicorn status…but what do we call leases where the payment percentage is a positive number!!! :slight_smile:

Bigfoot marrying Lochness monster status…lol

That is the best deal I’ve seen on LH! Yeah, I didn’t know they had a CT6 plug-in. Awesome find and congrats!

Just to clarify, it’s a one-pay lease of $11,400 before the federal and state tax credits?

Dont lease companies keep the lease credit?


I received both Tax Credits and paid $40 to get Audit insurance with tax return. I literally gave my lease contract to the lady at H&R Block and told her to make sure she does everything properly. They gave me the Credit and protected me against audit. :man_shrugging:

Anyone can file it in their return doesn’t mean it’s legal.

OMG that thing is a freakin beauty… great payment too

Based on deals here seems like manufacturers bake the credit into their residual and such but hey great car and great hack. Enjoy it.

We need to be careful we are not giving readers the idea that this is allowed. If this is a standard lease agreement (vs owners choice or similar structure) you are openly broadcasting in public that you committed tax fraud.