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That’s pretty rude and uncalled for, i like both cars so it is fine

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@nyclife Looking for a lease deal on 2019 QX60 Luxe AWD, 12K miles, 33/36/39 months

Dear, Bostoncarconcierge. I want to offer you cooperation. When selling any of your cars, we offer our [best personal alarm]mod removed link-spam free of charge as a gift. What do you think?

Why you merged it like spam ? It’s serious offer

You need to register as a business to solicit business here.

Hijacking a thread to peddle your product is also not good form.

Okay, sorry.

Any dealers in nj?

The prob with this dealer is they know that no one else uses us bank and they give you a terribke discoujt off msrp when you want a car priced with usbank.

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I might have been lucky with them as I have leased my last two Tundra Limiteds from the Akron dealer. A 2015 and 2017 for 490/month including 9.5% tax for Allegheny county. Granted it’s not as good as what you advertise but that was before you came aboard.

I also got a 18 4Runner for 302 month tax included (granted through TFS) from the Pittsburgh dealer.

But now I see that better deals can be had I will be exploring those avenues when my lease is up.

I was wondering whether Ganleys Pittsburgh location did US Bank too. Good to know.

My Toyota deals have been so much cheaper then pitts Toyota that I’ve had many people drive across the state for the dealers in the philly area. I tried getting pitts dealers to match my pricing but they refuse to give the same discount off msrp

I helped a friend lease a Tacoma last January. The one and only local Toyota dealer that he reached out to was Kenny Ross and they were less than willing to negotiate on price. IIRC they offered to come down a few hundred dollars if he came in to dealer but he declined and I found the dealer in Columbus that went through US Bank.

Though he’s thrilled with the truck I have no idea what he’s going to do in 2 years. He is using Ganley for service though.

If you don’t want me to respond, then why ask me the question in the first place? To try to make me look foolish? You’ve already made yourself look foolish to those that know better. Go find a nice quiet corner and think about your silly question.

That’s right… hide my response in landfill especially when you’re dead wrong! Already, you’re abusing your newly trusted hackr position. Seems to me that you can’t be trusted… you just hate to be wrong, don’t you?

Your permanent place is in Landfill, sir.


If you decide to go toyota check out my deals on them out of philly. Can get a great price on 4runners.

Love a rav4 or 4runner but dealers wont even respond…

My 4runners are actually leasing better than rav4s! Here’s my pricing. Unfortunately the lower prices are for nj, pa and md. the orange column is for other states. So $348/mo for an sr5 plus tax/tags. My tacomas and tundras are even better if a truck is an options

What did you pay?

Ivan how can I get in touch with you? Looking for an S4 in SoCal.