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I meam the car market is subjective😊

Still amazed and can’t figure out how you got $11K off on this car

Looks amazing congrats


Im in sales I used some tactics to befriend a sale rep at a dealership out of state. He shared invoice and from there it was easy.

You know where this ad was going just by reading the line “insanely clean”. Took you all no time to roast this guy…chalk another one up for the home team!

I don’t think pointing out reality is a roast, really.

Yeah, these guys are mean. There were mean to me too when I was new. In fact, they’re still mean to me. But they’re honest and very helpful. Would you rather have dishonest agreeable opinions or hard honesty? Everyone here is looking for lease deals. Occasionally, we do have new members trying to get rid of their lease just because you don’t have to pay a fee, but sometimes, it’s just better to pay a fee to get a wider ranger of uninformed people.

nobody roasted him, i actually think everybody was respectful until you used the term “roast”.

Of course he’s not finding a taker on LH because people on here would have gotten a tax credit which @MattTheCarNut clearly didn’t get at that payment (prob wasn’t aware that was doable).

Maybe @MattTheCarNut can also try to post it on bimmerfest.

Sorry because text is ambiguous and you can’t understand it was a joke. I was merely being sarcastic. I didn’t realize using the word “roast” was so offensive to people, especially in this day and age. I’ll keep it noted that saying the word “roast” is disrespectful. :joy::rofl: Best of luck to you and the guy trying to get rid of his $600 a month BMW 3 series!

wasn’t disrespectful to me, apparently it did trigger something…everybody is a little sensitive these days … maybe it’s the constant Xmas music driving people cray cray ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks, but i have no stake in this so no luck needed

Lol, superior in what? Some of you keep saying random unsupported statements (also I see lot of hate towards the wonderful MDX), but none of you can find a place where other cars are better. Makes it seem like you all drive Bentley’s. Just don’t say more “technological” because they are not.

Don’t listen to these haters. Don’t let them discourage you. It is truly a terrific car! Have one, love it. Also that 15mpg is b.s, I get 24 in my RS, and 28 on the freeway. They would all much rather drive 4 cyl 3 series’ and other junk with Sonata/Jetta like plastic. Infiniti is #2 for satisfaction by JD power after porsche in satisfaction. Excellent powertrain, sound, and awesome supportive seats. Get the sport package though for that purpose. Drive it for yourself and see…Guess if Infiniti gave them a monitor in the center like Audi, and a 1 month subscription to google maps, they would be happy. images%20(1)

My uncle had the same experience with a 740i and 535i. Interior had a ton of bad build quality. After a few years, constant issues.

15 mpg is the biggest lie, to begin with, and it is not dated in any way. Navigation on MDX is same as 2007, and? Same for bmw i drive. And?

I personally drive an RS, and have never ever gone below 20 mpg, and my average is an easy 23-25 depending on condition, and highway is closer to 27-30.

I am so glad they use real gauges. They are more expensive to make, then putting a monitor in the dashboard. After a long day of work behind a PC, I would hate to stare at another monitor, especially at night.

That’s bull. If you floor it everywhere, maybe only then you will get 15 mpg…still can’t see how. The 2015 BMW 435 GC I drove many times, had one of the worst systems I used…it was same as my uncles 535i that he had in 2011 (F10 bodystyle).

Why not 8mpg?

BMW iDrive is Light years behind I would say…
Most have no touchscreen until 2018, and takes forever to enter address. Very bad controls.
Compare the time it takes to enter the address in either car, and you will see. Lexus’ system is the same from 2014, Acura samething, VW same thing. Only thing Audi did was a put a monitor on the dash…and still no touchscreen

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Stop discouraging other people. You can’t even base it off any facts.

Design is just personal taste.

Q50 has class worst fuel economy. That’s a fact. You might not like it, but it’s reality.

Audi has begun rolling out touchscreens in 2018 with their new infotainment system, which again has been significantly improved over the years while Infiniti literally uses the same system the 2007 G35 has with a second screen.

Audi touchscreens started in 19

Just want to throw out there that Jim is incredibly helpful and honest. Though I didn’t end up making a deal with him, I can confirm that his pricing is accurate. Furthermore, he went out of his way to help inform me about the leasing process and his deals. Jim was incredibly valuable in my search for a leased vehicle and helped me get a great deal. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Jim in the future & I’m certainly glad I came across this thread before I made a purchase!

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