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I am interested, can you please PM me some details?

PM me lol I wanna hear about this cult

Which dealer in Torrington? Sullivan? In the same boat. have a highlander lease i can get out clean by selling to carmax. Would consider Pilot if the numbers worked. Thanks

I paying under $390 for a Pilot EXL sign and drive including first month payment through a credit union 39/12 (I actually wanted to not have to deal with this during summer next time so am happy with the 39 months but I got the extended warranty through Geico now for those last 3 months when it will not be under warranty. Costs very little.) Completely sign and drive. They took my Highlander 33.5K miles, lease was up this month, valued it at $3200 over I think. Vroom offered me $5700 or 5800 over buyout but my situation is complicated because my SO owns the car and they are not great about being available for paperwork. This was leased from a downstate NY dealer not Sullivan. One advantage of leasing in NY if you live in NY is the dealer fees are only $175 (recently increased) instead of 300 or 400 like they are in NJ or CT

That was two weeks ago, still waiting for the final all clear from Toyota but when I called they said they got the check and should be all done by August 31.

I did not buy from Sullivan this time and did not call them because the second local NY Honda dealer I walked into was willing to do that deal and I was tired of shopping. Still a little sad I did not get the Highlander, I liked it better but if you have a big family the Pilot is much roomier but also feels bigger and more minivan like, the third row in the Highlander was always ridiculous. Also I like that my groceries do not come flying out of the Pilot the way they did on the Highlander. Meanwhile the corded car play drives me nuts. Definitely test drive.

When I almost bought a CRV last year I dealt with Dave at Sullivan who was very nice. We did some back and forth and came to a good price. Look if they have any ads, they would have honored the one he was running at the time however, check out their inventory first, to see if they have what you want. Ended up getting a Nissan instead because the buyout was so much better and I want to stop leasing eventually for that car in my house.

Thanks for the detailed response. I guess your old lease buyout muddies this deal as it is not a clean lease if you know what i mean. It seems like your deal is ~$3200 down (your equity) and then $390 a month. so essentially $470/month if my math is correct. Still not bad in this market. enjoy the Pilot.

Who are you talking to???
You just post anywhere and expect an answer??

That is about right. Their original offer was $399 39/12 plus taxes, bank fee $995 and DMV of about $200 and first month. That all adds up to about $2900. I used the equity in the lease (of which I really had none since the lease was at maturity) to pay all that and reduce the payment to under $390. I have 38 payments remaining. Given that you pay $30 more or less for each $1000 you do or do not put down (technically $26 on a 39 month but that does not include MF), it was worth about $90 a month so I am paying about $480 but I look at the Highlander as having been worth nothing which is what would have happened in normal times. A year ago a dealer near me was advertising Pilots at $329 36/10 or maybe 39/10 with loyalty (was turning in an Accord so had that). Technically this deal is better because I would have paid $349 for 12k and sign and drive would have added $80 or so to the payment (a little less than the other because the initial payments were lower). I have previously checked selling my Highlander and it was worth under the buyout a few months ago

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Hello this is Donald. Looking to lease a small suv or EV, in Nevada. How do I get started with your service? Do you have a phone number or email?

Hi Ryan,
Interested in
Highlander XLE’s
Highlander Limited’s
Highlander Platinum’s

Zip 75035.
Please send me the details.

Hello! I may be interested in this car assuming it is still available. If so, please shoot me a message with you contact info and availability. I’d love to chat with you about the car and possibly taking over the lease.

BTW, the car is beautiful and the pictures are great!



There are free US govt SUVs - around 35k of them available to whoever can claim them … from Kabul…


Dibs on the fighter Jets.

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They also left dozens of service dogs behind, in crates :frowning:


If your source is NYPOST and American Humane Society, they have an axe to grind …

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Daily mail = NYPOST. I do not know too many K-9 handlers (Army or police) who would abandon their dog…

What’s more telling is who isn’t covering it.

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What is in the middle between NYPOST and American Humane Society so that you can trust? Soldiers follow orders, if you didn’t know that.

I trust the Brave American men and women soldiers who have been serving and reporting from the frontlines…I do not know too many K-9 handlers (Army or police) who would abandon their dog…

From daily mail …

Contract working dogs are normally owned by private contractors to work alongside military dogs who are owned by the Department of Defense, often performing similar duties.

Sources close to the earth said.