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Can you please DM me the 5 Series options? Thanks

@IAC I filled out the questionnaire/emailed about finding a X3 M40i in the Austin area. DM me here or email/text and let me know if you can help us. Thanks!

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Black sapphire metallic or the carbon black metallic?

Carbon black

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interested in this please pm me.

Hey Mike heard there’s a mint 9-5 Aero sitting at Village Saab in Acton. The residual is crap but I’m sure they can go well below invoice what’s 36/10k looking like? Lmao

Hope all is well. Will be looking for a new Volvo when I’m eligible for pull ahead in a couple months.

From one fellow Saab guy to the next, stay safe and healthy.


I am convinced dirty mike and the boys may be a package deal w that Saab. Hope you’re doing great and I look forward to it!

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I’m interested in a custom order potentially. Are they really giving out good deals right now?

No not right now. This was 5 months ago.


This is a insane deal congrats!

are you still looking for someone to take over?

Absolute killer deal, enjoy it

Hi, just sent you a PM. Thanks.

Hi Quentin

I sent you an email regarding deals for Lexus RX 360 F sport.


Looking for any regular or demo 2021 GLB 4matic in the CA area, pm me plz.

Afternoon, are there any Venza limited with the 2 packages available? Thanks.

HI Christina if you reach out to Tom directly he can go over all of our inventories but we currently do not have any Limted Venza available right now.


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