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Please send me information about sq8

this explains why the carmax offer on my 4runner went up - they are currently offering 10k more than I paid. Was going to sell it and get one with a third row. Don’t love how floaty it is, though.

Any recommendations on a dependable new alternative? Needs:

  • 3rd row (occasional use)
  • AWD or 4WD
  • enough room to haul music gear (amps and guitars)
  • power inverter to power guitar amps for demos

preferably over 6K lbs GVW

I feel like if I’m going to get a do-over on my 2020, the time could be now if there’s any hope of finding a replacement.


Sent numerous emails myself

Can you please check pms and email from Raman

Thank you

PM sent on a Mazda and a Lexus work up!

Not gonna entertain your nonsense in this thread @njc stay strictly on topic or your posts will be deleted.


Saved you some time and deleted them for you. Enjoy your little echo chamber where any opinion or thought outside of your own are considered nonsense. There is a reason that most posts are from the same few people who are just confirming each other biases.


@max_g, Just so we know that you are fairly enforcing the rules, and not a prissy hypocritical ass who is upset that someone doesn’t like pallurides and teslas, please make sure to delete some of the off topic posts

as they are all inflammatory and off-topic. this is complete nonsense line of conversation and has nothing to do with the topic at all. The fact that they are made by other THs should not really disrupt the alleged crusade to keep things on topic.

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I agree with you that the mods are unfair with dissent and tend to favor some users over others, creating a circle jerk, but there’s also a definite way that you come in guns blazing, not even to encourage debate on a topic, but seemingly just to piss people off and say wild stuff.

There’s a time and place for everything dude, and this thread is not it.

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Probably not, but since there was nothing off topic in my posts, and pisssy mcpissison just decided to flex for no reason whatsoever, this thread became “the time and a place”. It’s fairly simple, you want to stay on topic, enforce it as a rule, if some people can do whatever they want and others can’t say anything, that’s not a forum that’s a private chat room with invite only membership.

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Everyone else is capable of having a normal conversation, which includes leeway on what is off topic and what is not. But you’re not. And never will be.

So pick a fight somewhere else because you’re done here.

You were told to stay on topic in another thread and didn’t so your off-topic comment was removed. Get over it.

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I’m not particularly upset about that, but I firmly think it was a weird call from a moderation standpoint considering other people then started talking about it again with no penalty.

I’ve been a member for a few years and lurked for many more, and have definitely noticed a lot of patterns. When all mods are doing random weird things with no rhyme or reason other than “this is my friend or fellow trusted hacker, they are allowed to bend the rules” it creates this class system of us vs them. I don’t think that’s a healthy dynamic to enforce on a forum. :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s nothing on a personal level, I don’t think I’d be much better as a mod. But it’s food for thought.

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Don’t sell yourself short, a monkey throwing feces at the wall of which posts to moderate would do better than some people here. At least said monkey won’t resort to altering someone else’s posts to make itself feel all important.

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Dude do you ever stop? You’re in every thread just arguing with people non stop. It doesn’t help the community at all.

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interested please pm me

Thank you very much

Removed SPAM

Interested in e330 loaner
Plz DM me

Can you please DM me what options do you have on both 3 and 5 series? Thanks

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I’m interested in a 7series. I am in 75209 . Can you DM me? I already filled out your form but no one has contacted me.

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