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Was actively looking for a good deal on this. Wasn’t able to find a SEL anywhere in NJ.
Got an offer for Limited:
36/10; $250/month; $1500 signup fees

This one is much better.
Could you please share the dealer/details with me?

Thank you!

Would definitely be interested if you could share the info.

That is amazing deal. Can you also share deader’s information?

Great deal, can you share the dealer?

do you mind sharing the dealer info?

Hi everyone!

If you’re looking for Ashleigh, you’ve come to the right place! I now have a new venture, and I hope to provide even better deals than I have in the past.

These deals/cars will be from a dealership based on the east coast, but we have a nationwide reach and access to pull cars from dealerships all over the country. DMV Lease’s main service areas are: MD, DC, VA, PA, DE, NY, NJ, CT, etc., but we ship cars throughout the country every day. The main partner dealership has numerous years of experience shipping cars all over the country.

As of November 2020, I am focusing solely on BMW.

My fee will be a flat $499 and is due upon the approval of a credit application. If you are submitting a build, 50% of the fee will be due at the time of submission and 50% due when the car is ready for delivery and the lease paperwork is drawn up.

Please feel free to message or e-mail me at with the following:

  • Name
  • Zip code
  • Model you’re looking to lease (I can also negotiate the price on a purchase)
  • What kind of car you currently have
  • Budget

The brokering service includes both listed deals and specific requests. We receive a high volume of requests, so we may not list that many deals in a spreadsheet. Dealer inventory also sometimes changes more quickly than we would be able to update a spreadsheet. Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing a car rather than leasing, that’s okay too! The major component of our service is to negotiate the selling price of your new car, no matter how financing is secured. Please fill out our form for requests; they are answered in the order received: DMV Lease Questionnaire .

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome. Thank you!

DMV Lease has been in business since November 2020 (but most LH members know I’ve personally been on here for over 3 years and brokered under a different name for nearly a year-and-a-half) and is an LLC registered in Montana and New York.

Phone: (833) 696-0997


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Hello all,

Should anyone have any concerns about allocation/ production numbers, refunds from the dealership due to a market adjustment in pricing, or any other concern regarding your order, please contact me directly.

If you have submitted an order already and you are on the stop sale list or missing options from your original order please bear in mind the dealership cannot speed up the process or correct the missing content. We are communicating as quickly as we can to the customers with affected vehicles. Many on the list have the stop sale lifted and are being delivered.

These are unprecedented times and I appreciate everyone who has expressed their concern in this forum. We are working as diligently as we can to keep everyone happy. Again please contact me directly via cell or email. Thank you!

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Tesla auto-pilot keeps confusing moon with traffic light then slowing down : Wellthatsucks (

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Well whadaya know, ALL BMW drivers are the same-by some logic circling on LH :joy:

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Sorry I was away doing what boomers do: trying to whittle down our huge piles of money.

@njc is still on it? I was away for three days and he/she/they are still gnawing this bone?

You’re way off but i also cannot see why… That market is ridiculous now because of the shortage. To give you an example. I leased my Genesis G70 last october. I have an offer to buy where I can make over 7k. So I thought I’d take out a new lease for the same exact car and they’re quoting me at around 600-700 despite much better credit when i pay $400 now. It’s wild.

Same. I got my Gladiator back in Oct $399 with nothing due at signing, just my signature. 45k sticker price. My cousin is trying to get one now and they are over $700.

high five for the good timing!

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Delete the post instead of saying “see above”. Odd thing to do.

Genuinely wondering where I can learn a trade quickly and enter the market at $50/h. I’d love to jump at the opportunity. Not afraid to get my hands dirty or work hard.

Given @Jrouleau426 and his Pennsylvania roots, Shale gas mining comes to mind. I’ve seen young guys with little to no qualifications who were making close to 6 figures out of the gate.