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Have any 840i x drive ? Also m840i x ? Both grand coupe

I’ll take one if this is possible in CA

Crazy deal wow

I don’t understand

This is really interesting

Sweet post man

Info sent, thanks!

Hi, sent you an e-mail.

Sent you my info via text.

Sent you a text. Thanks - KM

I’ve sent my info. Thanks!

actually the quickest way is me making a joke about trump. usually gets the whole thing shut down.

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So Trump drives a Palluride into a bar. The bartender asks, why didn’t you just lease a $600 a month Velar?

If this doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will. :slight_smile:

trump would drive a palluride b/c the DRLs match his skin color.

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happy now? :smirk:

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DP: I got my car in MA. Registration took ~8 weeks start to finish. If everything runs smoothly it could be ~5 weeks but I wasn’t rushing (for my own reasons). Remember no temps in MA.

Shipping with v reputable transport broker was ~$900 for a sedan from NYC to Miami, though should be a bit less now that less people are moving down here, but obviously more from MA to Miami.

Some suggestions from the internet

*the pictures here are provided as a joke. The makes / models are for joke demonstration purposes. The joke itself is that you can charge an EV if you bring a GAS generator with you. It is the posters understanding that one of the cars in the post includes a gasoline engine, and therefore does not require an external gas generator, however the picture came up on the initial search and seemed to have demonstrate the point. Additional research would have required time that the poster was not willing to spend on a joke.