Off Topic Landfill 5

Maybe an MP5, an AK probably has too long of a stock.

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But you’re ok with them being out of warranty from 36,001 miles to 60,000 on a CJDR product?

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To be honest that’s just an FCA issue. Ask early Wrangler JL owners about having to take their new Jeeps to get welds fixed in the shop. I’ve been lucky with mine but nobody gets a Jeep for reliability. There’s a reason why even the biggest fanboy will say that it stands for Just Empty Every Pocket.

Friends… I’m just trying to find the best lease here for a non-hybrid JL… not discuss the cars and builds available

I’ve seen a few forum members talk about CEL lights often resolved with reseating fuses, and I know of a couple owners with true battery pack issues, but I’m not aware of ‘way too many’. However, I’m not on any other social media platform, so my sample size is only user fora. Those fora members are generally packed with happy owners, enjoying dramatic in-town all-electric mileage, one-pedal driving, quiet torque out the wazoo, and equity driving it off the lot. Still, there’s a reason it’s a lease! Cheers

Wow price jump!

Whats your point?

Just out of curiosity, Why are you not interested in a 4xe. If you would like to skip the first batch of 4xe and let stellantis sort out any kinks, I totally understand. But is there any other reason?

I’ve been driving wranglers for the past 7 years and I love my new 4xe (my top favorite would be 06 TJ, still regret selling it) The extra torque is pretty neat and I am leasing a $60k MSRP vehicle for lower $400s.

(since we’ll be landfilled anyway) FUD is strong, especially on new intros. I had it myself, vowing to ‘never own a brand new intro vehicle’. Then in 2008, MINI intro’d the Clubman, and simply had to have it…MINI with a payload! (never mind folks saw it as a station wagon). I got one of the first batch from Oxford, followed it with MarineTraffic, until it arrived home. I was a star in a town of Lambos, Ferraris and Bentleys, with everyone pointing at the new MINI station wagon. (btw, got 250K miles before my first real repair!..not bad for a new intro).

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Agree, all we try to do is hack leases and help others hack leases. There is no harm in pointing it out that 4xe leases are better and try to help the OP. But if you say that Wrangler is trash and Bronco is the way to go, then landfill it is!!!

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My guess would be either OP doesnt have a way to charge it at home (perhaps a apartment complex or other reason) or maybe concerns about PHEV vehicles having more possible problems/repair issues since its combining multiple systems.

Id think its still a better deal even if cannot charge at home and rely on the ICE only and for potential repairs it should probably fall within the warranty for the lease period.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you could drive the 4XE and never charge it correct? You would be stuck with the 2.0 turbo 4 cylinder providing all the power?

Yes, you could simply drive it just like a normal Wrangler, there’s no need to charge it ever if you don’t want to. No matter what though, there is pretty much actually always some electric assist available to get full power (aka more than the regular 2.0L).

And this (while still off topic) has me wondering…loads of folks say the extra battery weight eats into the mileage…wondering if never-fills are actually running charges on the battery regularly (programmed) during engine operation, and that is the true cause of reduced mpg?

I’m waiting for inevitable flood of 4xe lease buyouts in 6 months when people remember how uncomfortable a Wrangler is.


Unexpected, but with lumbar dialed full, the seating position is upright, and the foam is very firm, oddly comfy. Drove 6 hours straight and didn’t feel much need to stop for a stretch, but Costco gas stops were a must. (6 ft. 240#). Thinking about it more, the slickness of the leather allows for quick ‘micro-adjustments’ if you feel discomfort. This is a stark contrast to the new Ram 1500 we Enterprised for a 3K mile trip last Xmas. I dreaded every driving day.

Hot take: the wrangler has the most comfortable seats and seating position of any car I’ve owned. I’m stunned.


Fact. Indeed it doesn’t even seem possible. How did they do that?

I have no clue. My 70 year old father in law even said it was great. That’s high praise.

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I need to see a list of vehicles you have had lol.