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A broker will get you a decent deal, but they won’t squeeze out last penny for you from their partners - the dealers.

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I agree with you 100%. I’ve had the same experience. I just build out my own deals now. Isnt hard especially when you use Car Gurus to see how long the car yoj want has been sitting on someones lot.

You haven’t seen our latest deals have you? :upside_down_face:

I can’t help but chuckle every time I see him mentioned

Back on topic,

2023 Land Rover Defender 110 x dynamic in white available at MSRP

Must be NJ/NY/CT

PM me if interested

Must mention #feeltheutz


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Hi Anthony, I’m interested in your first deal what is the process

They are here

would you send over your spreadsheet?

Could you also send me the spreadsheet please?

Spreadsheet please.

Fantastic spec :fire:

what kind of environmental friendly cars ? only rich can afford and majority drive ICE…LOL!

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Why are we talking about purchase prices in a forum and site called LEASEHACKR?

Leasing right now is a hellscape.

Are there ANY leases out there on EVs that have monthly pricing that is significantly better than financing?

So far I only see Tesla and maybe Polestar that have leases that aren’t from Mars.

The model 3 base is 499 per month. 36 months.

With over $6k DAS + tax and no option to buy it out, that’s a terrible deal.


Terrible compared to what other lease options out there? Like Mercedes and Audi with monthly lease rates north of $1000 for mid 50k cars? And within dollars of the 60/72 month finance amounts?

I wish those companies would just say NOPE. We’re not interested in leasing instead of being passive aggressive about it.

Every captive (and even the third parties) wants to lease new cars - at the advertised terms. If the vehicles the OEMs build aren’t selling fast enough, they’ll buy-up the residual, buy-down the MF, or put cash on the hood, just like they have in the past. There isn’t anything passive aggressive about it.