Off Topic Landfill 5

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What is this?

can you buy out Audi leases?

And if Lets Go Brandon has his way the long-term capital gains tax rate will double.

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Can you please give me quotes for x4 and x5 with m-sport package?

Ill message you back soon. Just sitting down for dinner. Thanks

No more S90 deals huh? Miss those $400/ month deals with the Costco incentive

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You may want to update this. 22 programs are out for these brands.

You were asked to stay out of other broker’s threads.

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I did not say anything inappropriate, just pointing out that 2022 programs are out. I see broker’s commenting in each others thread.

You know that your deleted post can still be viewed?

I did not :laughing:

Now it see it!

let me know when you get another BMW x7 demo!

Hi is the vehicle still available? If so PM me. Thanks!

Hey, Contact me at REMOVED if you’re still in the market for the M340. I have 1 in stock

Gotta be more discreet my man

I tried, couldn’t find another way to reach out to him lol.

Lol you have to pay to be on here