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The 8 cylinder being the only option on the Tundra is what makes it a deal breaker for me. If you need an 8 cylinder truck your shouldn’t be getting tundra…or 1500…or 150… you should jump up in models. Toyota made a T100 awhile ago. That was their 1 ton I believe. I also think they had a v6 tundra a few years back.

still available?

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I’ll take with 0 das

I’m very interested in an i3 build. Please message me!

Easy fix just send the donation direct to @Bostoncarconcierge. He will im sure do what right with the money


How does a CVAP grant work with this deal? I am approved for a $5000 grant. Since it seems to be the same as cash I would assume that the $4799 car would be free or you can pay a bit extra for the more expensive versions. Does supplier pricing work with cvap grant? GM card rebate? Does GM card and supplier stack? How much more is this deal w/o supplier?


That’s a disgusting elitist statement Phil. People who qualify for the Clean Vehicle Grants program include individuals who make $51k or less, which makes them qualify for an electric BMW lease with good credit. If there’s an issue at your Chevy dealer with leasing to a person making $51k then that’s a problem with your finance dept, not with people applying “not being able to afford a lease.”

So before you get started on a principled stance, understand I speak from my experience. And in my experience it’s worked out a total of 0 times…
GM Financial is the one who approves or does not approve a loan, not the finance department.
Also it’s not just earnings, it’s debt to income ratio, and in the Bay Area rent/mortgage are extremely high.
Also 95% of our bolt customers are in the tech field and just happen to make more then that.
So with all of the bolts I’ve ever sold (which is a lot), no one has used that program to get one.

Does it mean you can’t? No it doesn’t, it just means something that has never happened it’s a focus of ours at the dealership level.

You started with the principle stance Phil, by claiming in Your post that people who qualify for CVAP can’t afford a Bolt lease.
How does your experience apply when in your post that I responded to you wrote that your dealership does Not take part in the CVAP program? That means you have no experience with it. You were making an unfounded assumption.

Which is it:
“So with all of the Bolts I’ve ever sold (which is a lot), no one has used that program to get one“

  • Or - Your dealership does Not participate in the CVAP program, as you stated in your prior post?

I’m familiar with the Bay Area & the tech field. I lived there for yrs before moving to LA & was a recruiter in tech for over 5 yrs. There are people in entry level positions who qualify for the CVAP.
Yes, I’m well aware it also has to do with debt to income ratio, as already made clear in my reference to CVAP and a BMW lease.
As you mentioned, debt to income ratio, salary, credit, etc… go into qualifying for a lease.
Therefore, you shouldn’t Assume that people who qualify for the CVAP won’t qualify for a Bolt lease, especially considering that your dealership does not accept the CVAP. I also felt it was a demeaning statement to post about people like me who qualify for the CVAP, as well as false regarding ability to qualify for a Bolt lease.
I stand by my prior post, you stating that people who qualify for CVAP don’t qualify for a Bolt lease was a disgusting elitist statement.

Still, I wouldn’t get too fixated on the $51K for individuals. My pal qualifies for CVAP, and with wife and 3 kids, the max is $122,270 for his household. They earn just below that, A+ credit, and almost zero debt ratio (he’s a Mormon who usually pays cash for everything). You know what they say about

I’m assuming that normally a college student who is over 18 and not being claimed as a dependent on his parents’ tax returns and has an income of about 20K count will qualify for CVAP.

But due to COVID he is staying with his parents and taking classes online. Do they have to be counted as part of his “household”?

You need to apply immediately, and let them sort you out.

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I totally understand, and I’m not trying to speculate. I’m talking about my actual experience, not what could happen, but what has happened. also Our Nissan store has the program available and not one person has used it to lease a new leaf.
So theoretically yes it could work out, but it hasn’t, so it’s not something upper management is putting to much concern into.

I Appreciate everyoneS concern and theory’s on how it could work, this is a great website to share those ideas, just might just not be the best thread for that.

This is here to provide pricing on vehicle information for what is available. Regardless of what program you used to pay for it.

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can you pls pm me all gle coupe deals spreadsheet?

This great deal. I understand it may not be reproducible but will appreciate if you can PM/share the dealer?

can i get your spread sheet

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