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@mani_is_kool check out

Stock B58 340i on 91 octane dyno with JB+ tuner added

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:thinking: hmmm will definitely look into this. Is the same one compatible for the 530i ?

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Thanks bud.

It is literally the easiest modification you can do to your car. It takes longer to fill the tank up with gas than to put this thing on or take it off :slight_smile:

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If I do, do I get a Civic type r under invoice?

Currently out of Type R’s unfortunately guys and gals!

Hi any good GMC Acadia deals?

Any good GMC deals?

You’re a week late :slight_smile:


Or 51 weeks early?


Hi we would like to Lease a m550 where can i reach you ?

Whats the payment???

Why so much hate for 1%?

It is a fine measuring stick.

You won’t ever see a deal above 1% that anyone on here thinks is a good deal.

It’s a useless measuring stick. It, in no way, informs if something is a good deal. There are vehicles that are unattainable at 1%, there are vehicles that are a bad deal at .5%, there are vehicles that are a bad deal for one person at .75% and the exact same vehicle is a great deal for another person for 1.1%, depending on personal circumstances.


Besides a Toyota Truck maybe, what non-exotic car is attainable at 0.5%??

Name one.

Hyundai ioniq ev

Anything else?

Try getting an AMG or a rover…

Over the past few years, there have been many different vehicles with examples around that. BMW i3, fiat 500e, v60cc, s90, tundra, etc