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Can you PM me any offers on X4 xdrive30i and X4 M40I or historically what you were able to offer on a loaner X4 xdrive30i and X4 M40I?

Currently own a 2016 Acura RDX w/19k owed. Philly.


My name is Luca I was wondering how would I get in contact with Sam as I am looking for a new vehicle as my 2017 Volkswagen Jetta lease is coming up.
Thank you

Me too! Me too! Mike, we can meet in Hartford for switch-outs! Haha

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link please! thanks in advanced

why comment on the thread to begin with, leads with a congrats and then proceeds to make a backhanded comment… pointless. Good news you don’t seem to know anything about an x5 and you still commented anyway.

But then again you are a trusted hackr, guess when you join the club some of you begin to make unnecessary and waste of space comments.

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@Batmitestar remove the comment that calls you out but keep your pointless posts… lol.

send this one and your 2nd post to the landfill as well.

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I am being offered a Volvo CX40 platinum package for $400 a month lease with 12000 miles a year and taking my current lease with $1000 left. Is that a good deal? Thanks

We’ve got great search capabilities here that will help you find both the appropriate place to ask that question as well as the necessary information to evaluate the deal.

Also, volvo doesn’t have a “platinum package” on the modern models

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It’s a premium package. Thank you

premium package is just an option. Doesn’t effect the lease cost (other than adding to the msrp). Unlike things like trim, engine, etc.

Thoughts on this deal??

msrp is 64385.00
selling price is 57379.00

36 months,
10k per year allowed,
722.98 monthly with 1822.00 total down

same term 7500 miles allowed,
699.37 monthly with 1800.00 total down

both include maintenance for up to 30k miles.

money factor on each is .00149

on 10k the residual is 59 percent= 38954.75

on 7500 it is 60 percent= 39351.00

Does this match buy rate from Edmunds?

Any incentives?

What was the deal? I am also lookong for xc90

ask him in PM, not broker’s review thread

Also looking for xc90 deal in orange county area…

Post in Help Wanted

Does Paul Duran’s corner spot still smell like him?

Can I get a link?

Can I have a link for MB?

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Would like the list, had sent you a message on here as you had said your phone was broke.