Off topic: investment hackr

Hi all,

It looks like we got some sophisticated people here and interesting discussions about “MSD vs other investments”.

Is there such a thing as “investment hackr”? There may be folks here with some cash sitting around (not with brokers) inside savings accounts or money market sweep accounts – how would you go about finding the best place to invest these funds that are along the lines of the leasehackr where everything is pretty cut and dry?

For people with $10k, with 100k, 200k, $500k, $1m, $5m, etc?

Most of the time, I used to just stick them in E*TRADE, select “aggressive”, the auto-magic allocation (ETFs) and read for 2 mins what it recommends and then click on “OK” and done. My main concerns with this method is the fact that while it is automatic, there is really nobody watching for the 5-10% drop in the market.

Some of the money is with different brokers (UBS, individuals/private wealth manager – most of them have some type of minimum and take 1%/yr of invested funds) and while I “hope” they are watching for the 5-10% potential drop DAILY, they (obviously) make you sign disclaimers. They also do things like 90% is on the tried and true but 10% are bets on the “big ideas” (like drones, VR, etc) and trendy stuff.

Anyway, the question is do you just give them all your money or is there a place where you can read like how we do the lease calcs here :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

not quite as amenable to hacking, because the first rule of investing is “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, higher potential returns are usually paired with higher risk.

There are some sites that list good signup bonuses if you want to transfer accounts between brokerages (I actually just did that)

There are other sites which discuss bank accounts with unusually high rates (fatwallet finance forum is an old one), if you want a little extra on your money market account or CD.

my favorite investing site is bogleheads, although the investment mantra there is not very exciting, lots of passive management and low costs, and most other discussions are “old retired rich guy” stuff :slight_smile: is kind of a cool concept.

Fundrise is another…

Are you talking about their Stock Advisor program specifically ($100/yr subscription) or just in general? I remember them way back when they started in 1996 (I think) and it was definitely cool and read it every day. Sometime shortly after, it became too bloated with lots of stuff …

In general. It’s internet version of “investing for dummies”.

So I was this brilliant investor in the 1990’s that went all in on the tech boom, day trading, listening to every time Kramer farted and had a new tip, and lost everything, luckily I had just started investing and “everything” was survivable.

So, in the mid 2ks I wanted to be careful and hired good ol Chucky Schwab to manage everything, I am still working so 65% of my portfolio and 80% of my wife’s is in our employer retirement accounts, but nonetheless Schwab has the rest. Well 2007-2008 was not kind.

In 2009 I switched to chase private client, only to find I was paying 1.75-2% in fees!

This year, I started using My broker is great, they do automated tax loss harvesting, and so far my investments are pretty good (even before the Trump bump). Best of all is there fees are 0.55% and go DOWN from there based on portfolio size.

I highly recommend them and I literally don’t have to touch or stress about my investments now.