% off MSRP M550 2019

What’s a good goal for percentage off MSRP plus rebates for a new 2019 M550?

Thanks in advance!

Doubt any who have in stock will do over 10% but 13% may be possible.

I suppose if you found one that’s been sitting a while you could press for 18% and wind up at 15% but there’s usually a reason why it’s been sitting (dealer doesn’t want to play ball)

10% is the max. This is a limited production vehicle with no trunk money. Just because you see M4 CS and M3 CS going at crazy prices doesn’t mean it carries over to other models


Thanks Electric and NYClife.

I noticed the 540 has $5500 in rebates including loyalty. Does the M550 have rebates too?

When I was trying to talk myself into a 5 series last month, both 540i and M550 had identical programs. RV and incentives

540 and M550 have same rebate ($5500) for June. It difficult to get good deal on M550 because of limited inventory. If a 540 is fast enough for you, find one with M-Sport packages and offer to pay 12% off MSRP.

Thanks Volvo and neilsarkar!

I was able to get 12% off an M Sport 540. Someone on the forum was able to get ~11% off an M550, so it’s possible for sure.

I am in the market for a premium sedan as well. Did you have to negotiate a lot to get 12% off MSRP?

Not really… for me it was all about finding the one with the right options at a fairly precise MSRP requirement- that took some digging.

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a 540 msport is nowhere near a 550.

540s are a dime a dozen


One person… Because one person got it doesn’t mean everyone can get it.

One person is also paying 599 for their M3 CS, another one is paying 375 bucks for a XC90 doesn’t mean everyone can do it.

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Hence the word possible.

Anything’s possible… so its irrelevant

Sure it’s relevant. Until we have any sort of useful analytics on hackr data, each data point is as relevant as another.

Its not useful AT ALL if you don’t link the deal

Sorry, forum sheriff.

OP- my bad, 10.2% not 11%-

So 10%… exactly what I said…

Get your facts straight before you start preaching

I mean if you want to be a douche… 10.2 > 10.