Off-lease value of 2015 BMW 535i Xdrive

So I’ve got 1 month left- got a letter from BMW FS that they are giving me a $1k discount if I buy the car- I decided to see what the selling value was.

The original Residual value was 64%(36/12k) of MSRP of $62k- so about $40k to buy it at the end of the lease.

I’m over mileage by 15k- so thats $2.5k I owe to BMWFS. Misjudged the mileage- should’ve gotten the 15k/yr- losing about $500 due to that miscalc. Paying it at $0.16/mile.

Vroom gave me a bid of 20,000. I nearly did a spit-take. Looked online to see BMW dealers are selling similar cars for about $25k, non-certified.

Didn’t realize that used BMW sedans fell that much. BMWFS is taking an approx. $15k hit on this car. I’m paying the $2.5k and walking away- er… running away from this car.

I paid $576/month with 800 DAS for the vehicle at inception. Now, including the $2500 mileage penalty I’ll have paid about $645/month for a $62k car. Almost 1%

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sedan market is in the gutter and that car has been replaced with a new body style since you got it.

I also wouldn’t wanna own a used BMW without extended warranty as the repair costs are high.

Hence anyone who buys a new BMW sedan is potentially mentally challenged.

Even trying to do the CPO route hurts. My buddy got a 335i cpo with 40k miles, three year old off lease. Got an offer on trade and his depreciation costs alone not including taxes is equivalent to $550 a month. Could have been leasing a brand new car with that cost.

not only a brand new car, but much more car for that kind of money.

That’s because it’s a trade offer. Sell the car privately.

See my car max offer as an example.

We also don’t know if he overpaid for the car to begin with.