It’s the end of the month and I’m two cars away from hitting my goal, send me your offers, if I can make it happen, I’ll make it happen!

If you have an Infiniti with 3 or less months left, I can take you out of it without penalty, depending on the monthly payment. Already sold 3 happy Leasehackr customers so far, I may be a dealer but I deal like a broker. No games, no shenanigans.


Just updated with 30 month lease on Q50 and QX60

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I only have 2 2019 Q50s left, those of you that are on the fence, act now!

There is a broker selling in your region that beats this by quite a bit. You would need to wipe out the 2k drive offs to be competitive.

If you’re referring to HN308, I believe his quote is based off loyalty and VPP. Mine isn’t included.

My quote don’t need loyalty. With loyalty it goes to $240/mth with $2500 drive off.

Without VPP it’s 299/mth with $2500 drive off.

Interesting…you definitely aren’t making this easy lol. I’m going to see if I can match that.

Alright, I’ll match HN308’s offer.

Considering the $399 in broker fees, let’s add $299 to money upfront and save the remaining $100. I’ll match the payment at $299. Or if you prefer to keep the $299, the payment will be $310.

Save $100 in fees, get the dealership customer service and benefits from someone that works exclusively with Infiniti.

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Any deals on qx50?

Thanks, what do you have the qx60 going for?

Please see above for prices on a Pure and a Luxe w/ Essential package.

I’d like to thank my Leasehackr customers for their business so far!

As we approach the end of the month and end of 2019, I’ve been unintentionally letting some inquiries slide through the cracks due to overwhelming responses. For the most efficient quote, please go through this form:

Thank you!

Good evening everyone, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. All prices posted are now invalid as December officially starts tomorrow in the world of car sales.

I will update them tomorrow morning at my earliest convenience.

All 2019 Q50s, QX50s and QX30s have been sold, I’m also temporarily out of 2020 QX60 Pures (thanks to you guys) more are on the way! Locates will be difficult to do on 2019 models. I expect programs to be around the same if not better for the 2020 QX60 and the 2019 QX80 and slight enhancements on the 2020 Q50 and QX50.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Any quotes for the new month will be sent out as promptly as possible.

QX60 remains unchanged, 2019 Q50s are SOLD OUT. Locates will be difficult to do, so I’ve removed it from the post for the time being and will replace it with the 2020 Q50 very soon.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I will compete with any broker or dealer and match if not beat, their offer.

Right now HN308 is advertising a $435/mth with 1st month and $900 MSD deal for 39/10k with VPP. I can beat this.

Take his $400 Broker Fee and add it to the DAS, I’ll give you the same car with all the benefits of a dealer and customer service for $5 a month less.

$430/mth, $900 MSD, $400 down and 1st month due at signing, 39 months, 10,000 miles. Does not apply to those registering in NY as MSDs are not permitted.

If you could Beat my deal now, than why didn’t you put them in the post this morning while you posted below deal.

QX60 Luxe Edition 30 (Exclusive Design, 20" wheels, w/ Essential & ProAssist Packages)
MSRP: $54,100
Payment/Month: $444/30
Drive-Off $2,500
Mileage: 10,000
Residual/MF: 56%/.00027

Why did you suddenly reduce the drive off by 1000 odd after factoring down payment, VPP and still reduce the monthly by 14/mth. Were you really planning to make that much more per unit pushing the cars to LH community.

There is a reason people tend to shy away from dealers and prefer to deal through brokers and you are not helping your cause by trying to put such deals and than updating them within hours.


Competition is a good thing HN, nothing personal. Also, the deal I posted was for 30 months, but you’ll see I edited it in my main post because I had the wrong residual and money factor in it in case people wanted to use the calculator.

The deal I posted this morning was a 30 month deal, you posted a 39 month deal, I’m able to offer the same thing and I get messages asking if I can beat your offers daily, so why not let everyone know that I can do that deal too?

Some people prefer dealers because they know that they can get the same deal from a broker but also have somewhere to turn if they have a question or problem with their car.

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Only 3 Edition 30s remain, have 3 more PUREs on the way

Does this car come with remote start?

The Luxe and Edition 30 do, the Pure does not.