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Hello everyone! My name is Morris, and I’m thrilled to introduce myself as the founder of OC Auto Lease, a licensed and bonded auto brokerage exclusively serving California. Having been a seasoned broker and wholesaler in the auto industry for many years, I recently discovered LeaseHackr and have been really taken by this dynamic community. Seeing these amazing deals has motivated me to go out and secure the strongest numbers I can get!

OC Auto Lease offers leasing and purchasing services for all makes and models. However, I personally specialize in securing the best deals for Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and Hyundai vehicles, focusing on delivering exceptionally aggressive deals and a seamless customer experience. We provide free delivery across most of Southern California and offer the lowest possible delivery charges to Northern California, along with convenient remote signing options.

Moreover, we buy all lease and finance trade-ins, paying top dollar and providing free pickup. This ensures that integrating your current vehicle into a new lease deal is as advantageous and smooth as possible. My goal is to maintain transparency, fairness, and promptness in all my dealings, ensuring you get the best possible service. Let’s make your next car experience a fantastic one!

Please call or text me (714) 781-9355 with any questions you have. You can also email me: moiz@ocautolease.com. You can visit us on Instagram here, and check out our website ocautolease.com.

If you are referencing a deal posted, feel free to reach out and include the following info to ensure the smoothest car buying process:

  • Make/Model/Trim
  • Desired Color Combo (exterior/interior)
  • Must-Have Packages/Options
  • Lease vs. Purchase
  • Desired Mileage Allowance (if leasing)
  • Potential Rebates (e.g., loyalty, college grad, military)
  • Zip Code (for tax/reg purposes)

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I’ve spent a lot of time studying the structure of deals, how back-end and front-end gross works, and overall developing a general understanding of how the dealership works to get the numbers they are providing you. I am more than happy to sit down and look at a deal sheet for a make/model that I don’t work with to help you see whether it’s a good deal! My reviews speak for themselves, I take pride in making sure you get the best deal!

Morris was an absolute pleasure to work with. I live in New York and I wanted to finance a car for my mother-in-law in California. Morris was clear, transparent, extremely communicative. It made the buying process quick and efficient. He even delivered the car right to her door! She never had to step foot into a dealership. If you’re looking to finance or lease, give Morris the opportunity to help you! Thanks OC Auto!

My wife and I are expecting our first child soon and were in the market for a new family car. We both had our own small sedans that we bought over a decade ago and were in the market for a 2024-2025 Honda Pilot Touring.
After going to one of the largest Honda Superstore dealerships in OC and working with multiple Auto Brokers my friend sent me this forum link California Honda Deals ! FREE DELIVERY ! Cheapest Honda Leases ! OC Auto Lease ! May 2024 - #14 by Jlee1 and suggested I reach out to Morris. Within half a days time from contacting Morris in the AM I had a brand new Honda Pilot Touring delivered right to my home later that afternoon at the price and financing I couldn’t get anywhere else.
Morris made this car purchase experience stress free, straightforward and definitely exceeded my expectations. I plan on recommending him to all my friends and family. If you’re in the market for a new car give Morris a call because he works miracles for his clients. A+ :+1:

MORRIS is the plug for a good deal on a vehicle,quoting from my experience.was looking for a vehicle,he made the process of finding the exact vehicle with the desired specs and deciding on the model so easy.the experience of buying a car without having to deal with the worst part of car buying that is haggling with the salesperson at the dealership is the experience i got from using them as my broker.
he was prompt and precise in answering the numerous questions i had about the vehicle.contacted him and the next day we got the car and the deal we wanted.
it was a seamless experience,picked up a lexus es 350 premium with technology package and panorama roof yesterday!
went with my 1 year old and parents to pick the car,were in and out of the dealership within 5 minutes.since everything was already taken care off by Morris
Highly Recommended.

Thank you so much Garrett! Congrats to you & your wife on the new car & the baby :slight_smile:

Thank you sir! So happy we were able to get it done and thank you for driving all the way from the Bay!

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Couldn’t recommend Morris and his team at OC Auto Lease (as a matter of fact already introd him to friends) more highly.

I’ve dealt with a lot of brokers in the past and working with Morris was a breath of fresh air. He was super communicative, very patient, well connected, and most importantly went above and beyond to get me and my wife the best deal possible (when others said it couldn’t be done). It was a real pleasure working with him and without a doubt will be my go to guy moving forward.

Thank you so much for your business and kind words! :pray::pray:

Morris was super easy to work with right off the bat. He was super responsive to my texts at any time of the day or night. I appreciated that he was patient with all my questions and didn’t pressure me into anything, but rather shared his expertise on Lexus leases and which models would have the highest potential equity on the back end and what he’d do if it was him. His Lexus deals are the best on leaserhacker and I got nearly 10% off Msrp on a 350h premium plus. He even got the dealer to hold onto the vehicle for me for an extra couple of days as I was out of town and driving down from SF to LA to pick up my new ride. He got the dealership to stay open later to accommodate my arrival and I was in and out of the dealership in no time. He even waived a portion of his broker’s fee when the DAS the dealer requested was a little higher than what he had originally quoted me. This highlighted to me the level of integrity and character he operates with. Morris also also offered me a fair trade on my current lease so I didn’t have to worry about turning in my lease which had no equity in it and dealing with the hassle of potential additional charges and turn-in fee. This was a smooth and effortless transaction and I highly recommend Morris and his team!

Thank you so much for the kind words and for driving all the way down from the Bay :pray:

11/10 Service. To those lurkers on this forum ( like me), This is your sign to pull the trigger.

This was my first time using a car broker, and the experience was exceptional. Morris was incredibly responsive, patient, and well-connected. He worked tirelessly to secure the best possible deal for my Ioniq 5-SEL, even managing to help me out of a lease with negative equity, something I thought would be impossible without rolling over a huge amount of negative equity.

What really stood out was his promptness: I reached out on a Saturday evening via email, and to my surprise, he responded by Sunday morning via text. By Sunday afternoon, we had agreed on the lease and trade-in pricing, and I signed for the car on Monday morning. The whole process was incredibly smooth and efficient.

I recently spent 6 hours at a dealership getting my wife’s car. (which was a pain) With Morris’s help, it was a quick 25 min visit. Highly recommended. He has earned my future business.

Thank you so much for your business :pray::pray: I hope you enjoy your Ioniq & drive it in good health!

Just worked a deal and took delivery of a 24 Pilot Trailsport.

Honestly cant recommend Morris enough. The guy responds at all hours and is prompt. He took me from thinking about picking this SUV up to having it in my driveway less than 24 hours later. Got me the deal I wanted and took care of everything for me and my family. We will be going back to him again for my next lease…

Thank you again Morris, you are awesome!

Thank you so much Robert! Really happy we got it done!

Wow, where do I begin? I’m on the East Coast and my daughter is moving to LA, we had just started looking at EV lease deals for her and I reached out to Morris a week ago (interested in Ioniq/EV6/etc). He was a pleasure to talk to on the phone, gave us a lot of great general information about OC too :slight_smile:

We texted over the next few days, Morris was always super responsive and never minded my questions, asking for alternate cars and deals, etc. We finally settled on the EV6 and he found the perfect color combo in stock, and a crazy good deal. Credit app done online and we were all set.

The icing on the cake was the extra mile Morris (and his contact at the dealership) went in the delivery. I had to trust in his service, and boy did he come through - above and beyond in all aspects! They spent a lot of time going over the car with my daughter, the paperwork was seamless and the entire process was so smooth. She spoke with me after and told me how amazing her first car purchase was, and I couldn’t have been more glad that we went with Morris.

If you’re reading this because you’re considering brokers in CA, do reach out to Morris, you’ll be glad you did! Huge thumbs up, thanks so much! :star_struck:

Just took delivery of a new Ioniq 5 thanks to Morris. Another very happy customer!

I thought the whole process was too good to be true when I saw the numbers on this forum and then reached out since I was tired of looking around and didn’t feel comfortable with the Tesla lease numbers (my original choice). There must be a catch or some hidden fees at the end, right? Nope. The whole process was super smooth. Morris also answered so many questions even when it was pretty late in the evening. I got all the docs prior to delivery, esigned them, and had my car delivered directly to my house. I just drove it around and still can’t believe I got such a great deal for a $50K car. I’m already telling my other friends that this is the way to go.

Thanks again Morris!

Thank you sir! We hope she loves the car :pray::pray:

Thank you Erwin! Very happy we got it done :pray: