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Morris got me a great deal on a 2024 Audi Q3. He was very transparent and walked me through the whole process which I appreciated as it was my 1st time leasing through a broker. He was also able to give me some equity for my expiring lease. Even the CDK chaos didnt slow him down! Thank you, Morris!

Thank you so much for the kind words sir! Very glad we were able to get it done.

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Enjoyed hearing your story and was a pleasure getting the deal done! Congrats to your son on his new car :smiley:

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I cannot say enough good things about Morris and my experience here on leasehackr! My new Hyundai Palisade was delivered a few hours ago!

I came to leasehackr and wasn’t sure where to begin. With my Tesla Model Y lease ending soon, I was in the market for a new vehicle and had a few cars in mind that I was interested in. The car buying/leasing process is usually overwhelming and not fun for me. I reached out to Morris and gave him my budget and he referred me to a few vehicles in my price range. Morris is not only patient, but gave it to me straight when I asked him questions, no hidden fees or beating around the bush. Morris knew what I liked after some conversation and he worked until the last minute to get me everything I was looking for in my next car. I love my new three row Palisade and I love even more that I didn’t have to do any of the negotiations or go into the dealership. All the paperwork was signed a few hours before delivery and finalized once the car was delivered to my home. SO EASY!

I would highly recommend Morris to anyone looking for a new vehicle! He’s honest, quick, to the point and just exceptional all around :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Ektaa :pray: very glad we got it done.

When I had to locate a 2025 Lexus NX250 these past two weeks for my family, I tried all my tricks and even direct contacts at my local Lexus dealers from north of LA thru to OC. I had the luck of the disastrous CDK hack right at the same time I sent my inquiries. Not only were dealers and other brokers slow to respond, some straight had no response until I followed up days later.

Not Morris at OC Auto Lease. Not only did he locate the specific color desired with the right trim, he found the only one in transit and locked me in with the best deal. The Lexus deal was fantastic compared to the other brokers and dealers that did give me any pricing. He was very responsive, transparent about pricing and process, and knowledgeable about the current industry issues and pricing as a whole. We were able to get the deal done despite any CDK or delivery issues other dealers experienced.

As a long time user of LH, I typically pride myself on being able to do the work of negotiating a deal myself. Normally, I would think twice about paying a broker to do this work. Morris proved me wrong and his service is invaluable. And I only stumbled upon Morris when a review happened to pop up the night of my search. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I reached out and am fortunate I did.

Though Morris may be new to LH, I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again for the next deal. Free delivery was a bonus!

Great transaction with Morris, very quick response to questions, and deal posted is as indicated with the dealership, was in and out with a car very fast, probably the fastest transactions I’ve had.

(Picked up a blue ioniq 5 lease, hard to pass up!)

Highly recommend Morris!

Thank you so much sir! Happy we were able to get it done. Wishing you safe drives in good health!

Super happy we were able to get it done for Aunty! So happy she got the car and it came a little early! :smiley:

Morris just helped me lease a 2024 Hyundai Pallisade SEL w/Premium Package. I originally reached out to a handful of brokers here on leasehackr to try and get a deal on a minivan (Pacifica Hybrid, Sienna, Carnival, or Odyssey) in the Bay Area. The Pacifica Hybrid had a terrible money factor, the Carnival had very little incentives, the Odyssey was due for a new model later this year but discounts were poor on the old design, and the Siennas were above MSRP. Given the dying 2013 Sonata in our home, I wanted to swap out the old car with a new one with the least hassle possible.

After some back and forth, Morris suggested some alternatives to a minivan and we decided to move forward with a Hyundai Palisade. I almost went with his Mazda CX-90 PHEV deal, but the Hyundai won out because it had more options in the 8 seat configuration than the Mazda.

There was some last minute issues with securing the right trim and color options with the dealer given the rush of deals at the end of June. Morris worked quickly to resolve the problem the day before I flew down to pick up the car. He waived his broker fee (I didn’t even ask, he offered) to keep the deal numbers close to what he originally found for me, despite the dealer’s mistake, and got the dealer to pick us up from the airport. He even convinced the finance manager to hold the deal after June ended even though the incentives would officially expire, so I could fly down to pick up the car after work on 7/1.

I had never leased a car before and the last time I bought a new car was 10 years ago, where I spent over a week doing all the work haggling with dealers. Working with Morris saved me a lot of time and headache. I was able to get everything done in 2 days and come in below budget!

After lurking on leasehackr for the last two months, I decided to move forward and texted several brokers. Morris responded IMMEDIATELY (on a Saturday night!) and immediately worked to get me a great deal on an Ariya.

The entire experience was straightforward, done via text, and a car was delivered to me on Monday. Already recommended him to several IRL friends and will be using him again in the future.

Created this account just to give a glowing review, thankful for both Morris and for leasehackr for giving me all the information I needed.

This dude is wild, and provides the kind of experience you hope to actually get when you read others’ positive reviews across the forums. We chatted a bit about the Ioniq 5 N (not really feasible for anyone leasing right now) and my wife decided on an AWD Limited in white/grey instead - an uncommon configuration for the HI5 and a strict color/interior requirement. From the moment I said “this is what we’re after, go” he located one, arranged paperwork and pickup, and we had the keys in under 48 hours… for a lower rate than even he originally estimated, and among the best rates you’ll see on the signed page. The whole time he was exceptionally communicative over text, with an average response time under 5 minutes. This is my first time working with a broker, and I feel like I got insanely lucky to have found Morris for it. I have another lease coming up next year, and you can bet I’ll be evaluating cars I might not’ve otherwise because knowing he’s available to help is such a massive intangible.

I’ve lurked here for years and signed up in a fit of anger after missing the gold rush on Air Pures in April. This experience with Morris has singlehandedly validated my decision to spend more time here and I’m grateful to both him and Leasehackr. Great community, great relationship forged.

I’m so happy we got this done for you!

This was a crazy fun deal and I’m so glad I was able to trade for this car. Wishing you safe drives!