NYS Only- Hyundai Ioniq EV 36 Months - 10k - $116 w/plates DAS

Alright everyone trying this out. These deals are strictly for NYS inclusive of the 2k EV rebate.

True sign and drive with only 125$ for plates due at signing, $75 if your transferring.

Shipping to down state is around $650

$200 Broker Fee

Currently have 3 limited and 8 Base.

limited trim level
10K A year 164 a month
12 k a year 175 a month

lower trim level
10k a year 116 a month
12 a year 125 a month


One Black on Black limited is spoken for have a 3 limited left.

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Where in nys are you?
I’m looking for a base model in Buffalo

Please PM me with specifics if interested.

Are you a dealer or a broker?

I am a broker not sure how i got the dealer title, hopefully someone can change that for me.

Update: Dealer informed me that they have a crazy amount of calls per day about these vehicles. If you are interested, by interested I mean you got your Wife’s, Husbands, Kids, Neighbors, and cousins approval to get one…then PM me with Trim, Terms and color preference. I cannot hold a vehicle past a day, dealer wants a $100 dollar non-refundable deposit cars come in on the 27th.


Please close this down all vehicles are gone.