💯 NYCLIFE's Infamous August BMW Deals [NY/NJ/PA/CT]


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Holy crap man, sub-$500 M340xi? Well done!

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DM sent about the 330i.

Im intersted in x3 m40i. I’m from nyc

What is the 36 mo resid 540xi

X3 with adaptive cruise, lane keep, panaromic moon roof. 36/12 or 36/15, top tier credit, central jersey. Currently have lexus and acura.

I know, I’d love that deal here in FL.

Check his personal X3 M40 lease transfer

I am interested in a new 330xi please!

Q you do know being infamous is being known for a bad quality right? :rofl::joy:

Maybe he’s infamous in the bmw dealership circles cause they cant beat his prices

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Yes… I was waiting for someone to realize. More of my Infiniti of Manhattan tricks.

I’ve been getting hounded by people about my deals as of late … going around me… and just being plain rude.

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Haha I feel you. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield…No respect I tell you…No respect…

@nyclife Quentin, can you confirm that the sheet is correct as respects loyalty being applicable to a 2020 X5 40i order? The bmw forums have conflicting information and the latest is that there is neither loyalty or lease cash on the table for 2020 MY X5’s. Would my 2020 X5 40i order qualify for the 1250 loyalty rebate (I do have other bmws in the house)?

Thanks Quentin, we’re getting closer and closer to my delivery!

@DreiPedals, Yes 1250 loyalty for 2020, I have the official programs

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New BMW X5 50i at over 15% off!

Wow - this is a great deal Quentin. I’ve to wait for another 2 years for our X5 lease to be done…grrrrrr🧐

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Im interested in a m340xi.

Does it include premium package?

and could i get it for 36 months 15k miles?

Do you have any X5s with the msport package