💯 NYCLIFE's August Mercedes Demo Deals [NY/NJ/PA/CT]

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Any deal for BMW i3?

Why would you post that in his Mercedes thread?


Sorry, it happened by mistake.

Is shipping available on any of the deals that you post? (Los Angeles)

No Merc for you!

Can you ship to CA?

Any GLE with sports package demos popping up yet?

Sent you a pm

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I would love to see a link of the E300. Just to see the car and the feature of this Particular offer. I believe when nicely equipped, this car is beautiful.

Can you please pm me color and options on the c300. I’m local north Jersey. Thanks.

hey, can u pm me the specs of the c300? cnj here

Can you please sent PM details GLA250 4matic ?

Im interested in the C300. Can u send me more info please thank you.

I’m interested in c300 too. please send me more info

PM me specs on gla

Interested in C300, in NY. Can you let me know available the color combo/options?