💯 NYCLIFE September AUDI deals! Q3 9.5% off Q5 9.25% off! [NY/NJ/PA/CT]

September Audi numbers, extremely light on sedans

Sent you a PM about an inquiry on a Q5.

Re: your comment on being light on sedans - do you have a sense of what’s going on with Audi supply chain? Looks like almost no S4s around these days. Possible that we’ll get a big shipment soon or is that the end of the B9s?

Can you please provide details for A6 - color, specs etc.

Not sure… some of model lines are coming in waves

So I assume A6 is available right?


2024 Audi Q3 45 Premium Sline
$456 + tax/inceptions
Must have Costco

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If a family member in my household has Costco but I specifically do not, is there a way for me to get a Costco deal?

They would have to cosign.

any good deals on a SQ5 or A6 55 premium?

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Hi, Do you have any q4 Etron?